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Rx For Living Well

Time, energy, attention and money. These are the precious personal resources of our lives. Too often, I find mine have disappeared without me even noticing until they are gone.

I feel that the process of getting to know and accept oneself wholeheartedly is essential to understanding one’s values and value as an individual. We have all been exposed to the conditioning that says, “No one will ever love you if you are honest” and “It is selfish/wrong to think highly of yourself” and “Sensitivity is a weakness” and the unspoken but pervasive idea “Love is something that you have to earn”. Only by being honest with yourself is it possible to know what is true of you.

Here is what I have learned. The art of living well is based in having cultivated a loving relationship with oneself. This means learning to trust your heart and body and questioning the knee-jerk judgments of your mind and other people. It means coming out of auto-pilot-living and noticing the things that spark your energy and enthusiasm, lift your spirits, feel expansive and draw you forward. It means knowing what matters to you and investing your personal resources in ways that support your life and your values.

It all comes down to this: Roses don’t last forever. Smell them while they bloom. Life is precious. Spend it wisely. Love yourself. Love your life.

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