Astrology and the New Energy


I’ve been drawn for many months now to several resources that offer teachings and information on Ascension and the New Energy.

Being an astrologer I’ve been challenged, lately, to reconcile the astrology I grew up with and have worked with for decades, which is based in cause and effect thinking, with the new energetic potentials I am seeing, hearing about from others and sensing from within.

Yesterday I had the clear insight that astrology in its original form, just like most things on our earth plane of existence was different, very different than what it became over millenia. The astrology most often practiced today has morphed into a horse of an altogether different color.

There is a school of thought that we have lost something in our modern astrology and old texts from the Renaissance period and back as far as ancient Greece are being restored, studied and taught, once again with the belief that they hold the key to the wisdom encoded in this ancient art and science. Those who are on this path have the made great strides but I don’t know that they have reached anywhere near far enough to get back to the basics of astrology.

Astrology in its truest form offered vital information and insights into living a physical human life connected to one’s spiritual wisdom. In ancient times we realized that once we incarnated we would once again lose access to our divine wisdom and devised the system we called astrology to remind ourselves not only about the purpose for which we came to earth but that we were fragments of the Creator and holding a unique point of view from which to experience physical life.

We knew retaining our sense of individuality within the whole of humanity was key to accomplishing our mission.

As time went on and the peaks and valleys of evolution occurred we eventually became so inundated in the three-dimensional challenges that our access to true spiritual wisdom became more difficult, if not impossible to accomplish. There were times when we agreed to let go of both the key and the map and surrender completely to the limitations of the earth plane. It was all part of the process.

Our world has been primarily based in fear, despite the fact that we are all Love at our core, for most of our existence here on earth. Today, the pendulum is swinging the other direction. Enough of us have remembered we are divine beings of love and light, to turn the tide and change the energetic balance on the planet from darker to lighter, from limited to increasingly expansive, and most importantly, from predominantly fear-based to a vibration of increasing love and joy.

Today we can choose to cultivate wisdom and compassion and live in the vibration of love. We can make different choices than we have in the past and choose to use our energy and time here to create fresh possibilities and do things in a way that was never before possible.

Astrology, the ‘Divine Science’ that was misunderstood, maligned and feared for so long can once again be remembered and restored as the sacred teaching and guide for living it is; a map to the divine potentials–the preferences chosen to be engaged, embodied and enacted in order to shine the light of our own experience and awareness. Thus making it more likely for each of us to joyfully and graciously offer the universe the gifts of our own unique heart and soul.

I like to think of astrology as showing us where to look to discover our own path of the shiny breadcrumbs. Our path holds what others may think of as ordinary or not even notice but we recognize them as gems that lead us back to our true spiritual nature. Our path is the one that lights with each step we take and leads us in this lifetime to all we truly are.

True Astrology illuminates not only the evolutionary path of greatest benefit but the way of joyful abundance and abundant joy.

Mercury Retrograde Can Reap Real Rewards


Mercury has been in the first of three retrograde phases for 2007 since mid-February and will go direct in just a few hours (March 7th). Now back in Aquarius, the sign of the genius, electricity and high vibrational, visionary energy, I’ve found this Mercury retrograde phase to have been most rewarding in terms of bringing to light some things from the recent past that I was not aware of or ready for at the time they were originally made available, and some other things from the distant past that help point the way to a more rewarding future.

A few of the gifts from the past were insights, teachings and offerings on understanding, making peace with and becoming empowered in terms of money. Becoming more savvy about my finances has been something I’ve been putting off that has been begging for attention for some time but that I hadn’t been successful in making any real progress on until now. With this Mercury retrograde cycle I was finally ready and willing to face down the demons and beliefs that had limited my experience for long enough.

Once I made the decision and committed to dealing with my relationship with money, which I know is directly related to my relationship to myself and my self worth, things started to shift and change as if by magic. Each day brought fresh insights, new information came to me from a host of different resources and the energy that I’d long felt so stuck in began to break free and move.

Skillful use of the potentials of Mercury’s retrograde phases can help you to get to the bottom of any issue or area of your life that you have found challenging or difficult to transform. The retrograde phases of Mercury’s cycle have often times been misunderstood by those who are inclined to focus only on the surface level of how this energy works. Mercury retrograde offers precious new perspectives and rewards; among them, the gifts of hindsight and clarity which are so hard to come by when we are in rapid forward motion.


Super Pisces/Virgo Lunar Eclipse


There is a full lunar eclipse today with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo. This eclipse is particularly unusual because today the Sun is making its annual visit with the planet Uranus, ‘the awakener’ and ruling planet of Aquarius, in charge of genius, inventions, revolution and the unexpected thus activating those qualities in people and things this week. The North Node, destiny point, is also in the neighborhood as it moves through the middle degrees of Pisces. This unusual combination of energies representing consciousness, new possibilities and positive forward movement creates an auspicious, high frequency event in which anything is not only possible, but probable. These energies have been building and brewing for some time and will continue to echo for the next few months.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is weighing in with the kind of dynamic tension that compels mere mortals to get up and do something. Both Uranus and Jupiter are visionary, freedom oriented, intuitively inclined and willing to take a stand. You can use this energy like rocket fuel to launch projects or to bring the things you’ve been working on into form. Full moons are times when things coming to light and to fruition.

The Moon is in the practical, grounded, earthy sign of Virgo. Virgo prompts us to look at the little things that make all the difference in our physical plane reality. With the Sun, Uranus and North Node in Vigo’s opposite sign, out-of-this-world, chaotic, creative, inspired Pisces, honoring our feelings (Moon) allows each of us to ground this ultra high frequency spiritual energy in the world of form. As we engage this energy we bring a little more heaven to earth where we can use it in realizing some of our Piscean dreams in our physical experience.

Let the spirit move you and entertain the possibilities that most appeal to you and dance and romance (two Pisces favorites) it into your experience. Happy eclipse and joyful creating!

A World of New Possiblities

Image Copyright (c) 2006 Jodi Flesberg Lilly

Fast away the old year passes… 2006 is almost over and I’m seeing a glimmer of the inspiration the New Year holds.

This fractal art image brings to mind the abundance of new possiblities, perspectives and approaches available in any new year. Now, in late December, the energy has begun to shift to open new doors in hearts and minds which, of course, creates openings in our outer experience of our lives.

As within, so without.



“The future
is not some place we are going,
but one we are creating.
The paths are not to be found,
but made.
And the activity of making them changes
both the maker
and their destination.”~John Schaar

A Change of Season

Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines season as:

  • noun: one of the natural periods into which the year is divided by the equinoxes and solstices or atmospheric conditions
  • noun: a recurrent time marked by major holidays
  • noun: a period of the year marked by special events or activities in some field
  • verb: lend flavor to
  • verb: make fit
  • verb: make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate
  • I have noticed in recent years that the seasons of the year are packed to overflowing with activity, growth and change. Whereas when I was younger the years had a distinct flavor, now the seasons themselves are colored and marked by themes that begin and end quickly as new areas of interest spark and carry me into uncharted territories.

    In my work with clients and interactions with others I’ve observed this same phenomenon. We are being seasoned by the desire from within for a more heartful and engaging way of living and being. If we are to stay current with our emerging deep inner self we must continue to let go of old behaviors and ideas about who we thought we were. As we release old concepts and behavior our true nature begins to be revealed, and with it a state of grace.

    Whatever we cling to thinking it defines us is somehow limiting our true expression. The definition of you is unique in all the world. Only you have had your experiences. Only you have walked your path. Only you know what you truly need. Only you can feel your heart warm and race a bit in the presence of someone or something you love. Our divinity alone gives life, lights eyes and drums hearts.

    As Gerald Manley Hopkins said in one of my favorite poems As Kingfishers Catch Fire, What I do is me, for that I came.

    Life in the body in this life that we alone are living is a journey to discovering our wholeness, our holiness, that which we alone can do as we stand in the light of all we are and shine it out into the world.

    The tree in the picture dropped all of its leaves a couple days after I took this picture. It doesn’t look the same but the spirit of the tree is alive and well. Today the angles of its dark limbs reach in sacred geometry against the backdrop of the sky. A season of rest and the restoration of resources begins. When the seasons change again the green buds of spring will begin the cycle of creating these gorgeous orangey-red leaves anew.

    Abundance Reconsidered


    These flowers bloom in the entrance to my home; a vibrant greeting welcoming me back from the world at large. I am amazed when I stop to realize how often I simply forget to notice the beauty and abundance always around me; the blessings the universe is constantly offering when I am busy “living” and wondering how I am ever going to get enough done to make a difference, to make a dent in the to-do list that I add to every day or the pile of papers languishing on the table until I finally find a few moments to take action to do whatever must be done before they can be filed or discarded.

    When did it get to be this way? When did the balance tip so far into the overwhelmed zone that I lost the joy of living an active and creative life? I now find myself planning to plan to organize so I can get a handle on all of this stuff that I don’t really care about but feel I must attend to.

    It is time to step out of the insanity of that plan and stop to look at the flowers while they bloom. My new plan is and has been for some time to begin eliminating the time and energy sappers…. to say no to the things that offer little or nothing in return and banish them from my to-do list and my life.

    These days, especially with the overabundance of information available online, I have found it easy to get caught up in someone else’s vision or someone else’s plan or agenda for how I should spend my time, money and life. As I do this my own vision and plan (as much of them as I have allowed myself the time and luxury of imagining) are shoved to the back burner to simmer.

    It is only when the vision, plan and agenda of another complement and are in resonance with who and what we are that there is truly a mutual benefit. And from a mutually beneficial alliance comes a feeling of abundance and well-being for all.

    When we spend our time doing the things that feel joyful and mean something to us our life can expand in an abundance of magical and miraculous ways.

    Intuition Is A Spiritual Faculty


    Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.
    Standing on the bare ground
    my head bathed by the blithe air and uplifted into infinite space
    all mean egotism vanishes.
    I become a transparent eyeball. I am nothing;
    I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me;
    I am part or parcel of God.
    The name of the nearest friend sounds then foreign and accidental;
    to be brothers, to be acquaintances, master or servant,
    is then a trifle and a disturbance.
    I am the lover uncontained and immortal beauty.

    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Everything Happens For A Reason

    Some days the complexities of living a three-dimensional, black and white, good or bad reality take their toll. Enough! I want to say. Everything has its place on life’s continuum.

    Everything happens for a reason. Somehow, I’ve known this since I was a child. Even in my darkest moments this inner knowing gave me hope with which to carry on. I guess you could call it faith that in some way, if there was a reason for what had gone on, some good was seeded within it.

    Mandalas are fascinating microcosms of the the wholistic nature of life. They speak to us on levels beneath reason and logic drawing out a new understanding–insight that intellect alone could never know.

    By The Light Of The Silvery Moon…

    I’ve always been in love with the sky. When I felt lost or alone as a child I looked long and hard into the night sky as if the answers to my prayers were there waiting for me to notice them.

    As a young adult everything in my outer world changed and yet I felt alone. They sky has been a safe haven for me for as long as I can remember. Even today, as savvy and sophistocated as I like to think I am, I retreat to the sky with that same hope and prayer in my heart. The sky reminds me of something I’ve yet to put my fingers on.

    As a practicing astrologer you’d think I’d have figured it all out by now. Instead, I engage in the mystery and magic of the stars twinkling overhead that always call to my heart. There is something sacred in the silence of the sky. Something my spirit has always understood.

    Current Planetary Positions

    Sun 28° Leo 17' 45"
    Moon 05° Taurus 33' 39"
    Mercury 15° Leo 04' 31"
    Venus 00° Virgo 19' 59"
    Mars 02° Virgo 10' 40"
    Jupiter 14° Sagittarius 39' 39"
    Saturn 14° Capricorn 30' 56" R
    Uranus 06° Taurus 34' 40" R
    Neptune 17° Pisces 50' 19" R
    Pluto 21° Capricorn 02' 52" R
    Chiron 05° Aries 09' 34" R
    TrueNode 16° Cancer 43' 05" R

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