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Dear Jodi,

I just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful astrology reading. Not only were you dead-on with many of my personality traits, but the entire experience was a huge lift for the mind and spirit. Many of the insights that you offered actually confirmed what I already assumed about myself – and validation such as this is a great and very powerful thing! But then you took it a step further, actually showing how I might apply certain gifts and/or strengths in my career and life. This is something I really needed at a time when everything is changing. I recommend your readings to anyone seeking enlightenment or a personal transformation – whether they’re ending a relationship, beginning a career, going back to school or making any other radical change. Your entire approach is extremely energizing, constructive and empowering! I would recommend your services to anyone interested in learning more about themselves via the stars.

– Dina G., NJ

I loved that Activation! Jodi did an amazing job at hosting and directing it.  She has a powerful, kind and loving voice that carries you through and is unconditionally supportive. Her ability to guide us through our intentions assisted me to get to what it really is that I desire.  I could feel the love, the light and the beauty that makes us women from all of you that joined.  What I felt was realized in my heart and I want to thank each of you for your bravery in sharing your memories and intentions that I could relate to them all.

The Goddess Activation of only women, felt like a really powerful refinement of our intention to step into not only our body, but specifically our female body that we were born into.


This was such an amazing hangout Jodi. I truly felt the sisterly love.

You did an incredible job of facilitating some delicate stuff.

Thank you again.


I highly recommend Jodi Lilly.

Jodi is an expert and intuitive facilitator. During each of my three sessions, I felt immediate, positive shifts around each of the issues we addressed — things that have been weighing on my momentum and joy for years. After each session, I felt more calm and centered, even more joyful, and noticed that things that easily ‘triggered’ me before my session were either much reduced, or no longer triggered me at all.

I literally feel less ‘weighed down’ by the past, and more present and able to focus on my vision in positive ways.

~ Jamie Walters, Author and Founder, Ivy Sea

Jodi, working as an intuitive guide, has been able to help me move through life-transitioning memories which have impacted my vision and walk through life. In my experience, it felt like shrugging off a lead shawl that I have carried with me so long, it feels like it has always been there.

My last session ended with the urge to smile as healing tears of release pooled over the rim of my eyelashes. I have witnessed no medication as powerful as one’s own innate healing breath. Jodi is a gifted spiritual healer with the intuitive power to assist others in connecting with their own natural-potential healer. Open your mind and breathe!


Dear Jodi –

It is with great pleasure that I take a few moments to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing work you are doing with Light in Motion.

I believe that it was your personal touch and inspired intuition that were the special ingredients that made it all come together, for me. You provided a space where I could safely reveal myself for the first time. And you didn’t stand on the sidelines, you got in there and took each step right alongside me. That was incredibly reassuring and built a kind of trust which I have never experienced before.

In closing, I want to again express my deep gratitude for the movement forward that you and your work have set “in Motion”. A very apt description of my personal experience as there is now certainly more “Light” in my life!

Thank you!

~Stephen Dukes

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