Mercury’s Retrograde on Steroids, Delaying Arrival of the New Year


This crazy year grinds to a close with Mercury, The Trickster, in charge of Communication, Intelligence, Networks and  Information, in the retrograde phase of its cycle. Next year, of course, will start with Mercury still following his own tracks, to see what might have been left undone or gone unnoticed, the first time around, in the early weeks of December. When the world was still reeling from one of the most contentious and unfathomable elections I’ve ever seen, I’m pretty sure there was plenty that slid through the cracks. Shock makes it difficult to concentrate. The mind struggles to grasp anything other than the unfathomable event that it doesn’t know how to categorize, much less accept as the new status quo.

Mercury traveled deep enough into Capricorn, sign of Government, Corporations, and External Authority, to touch base with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, overseer of Power, Transformation, Sex and Death. Pluto can show Mercury how to get deep; go dark; become serious. Mercury is in charge of the News. Negative Pluto manipulates the News to make it a powerful tool for controlling the masses. Positive Pluto shows Mercury where it lost integrity by having glossed over or downplaying something important because it may have been more expedient in serving an unconscious agenda. The Pluto activation sent Mercury to retrace his steps, looking for cues and clues and missed opportunities to get the whole picture.

One week into the New Year, Mercury is back in Sagittarius, sign of Truth, Beliefs, Foreigners, and Other Cultures, for a few days, at the exact spot the Sun was in when Mercury did its about-face. Now, the Sun, representing the Heart, Life Force and Consciousness, meets Pluto, shedding Light on the Dark Lord’s public and secret agendas.

Mercury turns direct on January 8th, to cover the late degrees of Sagittarius and first half of Capricorn for the third and final time of this retrograde phase. It is not until, the first new moon of 2017, on January 28th, the Aquarius New Moon, that Mercury comes out of the shadow of this retrograde cycle and reaches new territory. Ironically, this time, the new territory is one more activation from Pluto. Heaven only knows how this will all unfold.

Though a new calendar year starts each year, on January 1st, energetically, 2017 is going to take a few weeks to really shift into the fresh promise of its Number 1 numerology. So, I encourage you to make a plan that is flexible enough to morph, as your thinking about your desires for 2017 inevitably will.

January 28th is also Chinese New Year.  This one will be the year of the Fire Rooster. 2016 was the year of the Fire Monkey and we all know how dynamic that has been. Still, Roosters are a little less volatile than monkeys, so there is that. We’re not done with the fire yet, but with any luck we have learned enough to be able to use it skillfully, for cooking up something great, rather than continue to play with it and get burned. The fire and chaos of 2016 enabled us to release and purify old patterns, people places and things that no longer serve the greater good in our lives. May we use the fires of 2017 to light up a world that is weary of the death and destruction and create something extraordinary for ourselves and everyone we meet. One person at a time, things change. One creative idea at a time, minds change. One bright light at a time, the darkness gives way to the dark.

And on this sad day of learning of the passing of yet another of our beloveds, Carrie Fisher, may we all remember how precious this life is and the difference one person can and does make. Let’s not waste a moment!

With Love and Gratitude for all of you and all of it,


The Gem In I

Golden - Source Unknown

Radiant Heart – Source Unknown

In early March, on the day of the Virgo Full Moon, I joined in a global meditation, focusing on the Aquarian Ascension Pool. The guidance was simply to meditate for thirty minutes, at some point, that day, focusing on the Pool, which has been meditated upon and enriched by the energies of many beings and spiritual masters over time.

Now that the Sun is in Gemini, I have been reminded of my experience of this meditation and was inspired to share it. Mercury, currently retrograde in Gemini, sheds fresh light on information and communication previously given and received.

These are notes from my inner journey to the heart of my Gemini self. Maybe you know this place, too.

And so it began…

Placing my attention on my heart beat, I realized the Intention is Love.


It was so peaceful to sit in silence. I tapped into the pool and saw that the water was clear and dark. There were colors glistening from it in deep reds and golds.

I saw what looked like a rising or setting sun on the far side, in the distance. I said, “I will add some sparkle.”

“Yes, you were always good at that,” said a voice, warm and welcoming.

I had a sense of a diamond in my heart and heard, “Shine bright like a diamond!” from the song by Katy Perry.

Then the voice said, “Well, come home. Welcome home.”

I felt at home. I felt my being say, “I’m back.” I recognized my strength and sense of purpose for being.

Then the voice, again. “You’re a gem.”

And I thought, well, I am a Gemini. Then the realization: There is a Gem-In-I!

Back to my pulse, the rhythm began to rock my body. This is me. I know this place. I recognize myself. I felt my Higher Self present. I felt connected and whole and holy.

This is what I have been missing. This connection, this eternal sense of belonging, of intrinsic preciousness embodied.

And Love. Love woven in and around and through.

I saw myself radiating beams of Light out from my heart, in every direction. And I saw the beams of Light radiating through every cell of my body being. Radiant beams of Love. Transmitting the energy of Life for all, Including me. Once and for all.

I closed my meditation in gratitude and appreciation for the profound experience of holiness.

Shine bright like a diamond!

Mercury Rx – The Trickster Sheds New Light on Old Illusions

Labyrinth - Eau Claire, Wisconsin - 2004 Jodi Lilly

Mercury went retrograde, for the third time this year, on Saturday, October 4th. This means that between now and October 26th, we will do well to approach our lives in terms of re’s. You can open the dictionary to the page where you first find a word beginning with the letters r-e, and find good instruction for how to best navigate this time. Reap, reconsider, reconstruct, recreate, redeem, redefine, redistribute, refinance, refine, regenerate, and so on.

What you don’t hear as much about is the fact that this is a beautiful time for reconnecting with people, places and things that once seemed lost to us. Memories resurface; old friends reappear; long-forgotten journal entries are read through new eyes that reveal deeper insight into the real meaning beneath the thoughts that made their way to the page, so long ago. Time also takes on a different quality. Nothing is as straight-forward as it once seemed. We begin to realize that time is not linear, at all. Rather it circles and cycles around and through us. We never do something once, we act it out with different people, in different situations, at different ages, until we know the subject matter of our lives inside and out.

If we play our proverbial cards right, Mercury’s retrograde phase can be a magical and enchanting time of seeing behind the curtain, to what the wizard that is our subconscious has really been up to. If we are willing to look we can see far beyond what things appeared to be, at first glance, on our rush through these busy, hustle bustle days that make up our lives. In order to see clearly, we must step back, shift our perspective and open not only our eyes, but our mind. This is how insights come. This is how we become wiser. This is how we evolve, moving from merely going through the motions of surviving to stepping into a place of mastery; in which we can thrive.

The spiritual path is not about gaining and obtaining. It is about releasing and relinquishing those things we once used to define us. Becoming spiritually enlightened requires letting go of who we thought we were so we can be more of who we really are.


Mercury’s Gone Retrograde and So Have I

This picture was taken by a friend at a Friday night hoop jam at a retreat in Hawaii. I had just gotten into a good hoop flow as she was snapping a few shots. Suddenly, the hoop launched from my hand and flew across the floor! It happens. All the time. Pretty much any time we pick up the hoop we hoopers know that sooner or later it will either fall or be flung from our hand, just about the time we felt like we were getting somewhere.

Life is the same way, sometimes. You roll along feeling like you know what you are doing and where you are going and then seemingly out of the blue your brain plays a little trick on you and the thing you were so sure you’d done correctly; exactly the way you’d done it before, doesn’t work. I did an astrology chart for a friend about the time Mercury went retrograde and as we started talking, realized the chart was incorrect. I was able to quickly pull up a correct version from an online resource, so all was not lost. As it turned out though, we hadn’t really needed the chart. Whereas in the past this whole thing would have mortified me, today, I trust that there is a reason and do my best to honor what is happening. Later, a little concerned that my software program had malfunctioned, I realized that the only malfunction was created by my not having entered her information into my astrology software exactly right, which is why it rendered the wrong chart…

This particular Mercury retrograde phase has demonstrated in my experience in some interesting ways. Yesterday I was to meet a friend for a quick errand, squeezing it in between other commitments. I input the address into my GPS just to be sure I didn’t waste any time. I ended up about three miles away from our meeting place. “You have arrived at your destination!” announced the lady in my phone… No, I haven’t. A quick call to my friend revealed that I had left the word Plaza out of the GPS search… I got where I needed to be but with less time than we’d hoped for. Next, I rushed home for a Skype call and got a phone call saying she couldn’t get Skype to work. We fiddled with it for fifteen minutes until finally, SUCCESS! We were off and running.

On the other hand, I set up an online account, I’ve been meaning to create for a while now, that allows me to share pictures with friends and family easily and privately; found some important papers I’d misplaced; retrieved a case containing some very expensive headphones, that had absentmindedly been put into the waste basket and buried by papers; and I made some upgrades to my websites.

When glitchy things happen we are being shown that:
1. We have an opportunity to do things differently
2. We’re not paying close enough attention to what we are doing
3. We’re moving faster than is wise right now

Mercury’s retrograde phase is the time to pick up loose ends that we dropped at some earlier time, reconnect with people from our past, clean up our files and records (just in time for filing income tax returns) and rest. As we slow down it is so much easier to see what matters to us and what we are ready to release from our lives. This is not the time to start something brand new but it might be perfect for reconstituting something that had value for us in the past and would bring joy to our life today if we pick it up and dust it off.

Mercury’s current retrograde cycle began on February 6 and will end of February 28th. You can make the most of this time by redoing, reconsidering, refining, recycling, reviewing, reuniting, remembering, revealing, reconstructing, redirecting, recapitulating, restoring, refinancing, replacing and recreating. If you play your cosmic cards right, by the end of the month your life could be running smooth and shining like a new penny.