Buddhist Temple Forest on Kauai
Buddhist Temple Forest on Kauai

Light In Motion was founded by Jodi Lilly in 1997, after decades of seeking answers to seemingly impossible questions and an obsession with understanding herself and those around her.

Light In Motion started with simple astrological readings. These quickly evolved to include a great deal of intuitive guidance for clients and Intuitive Astrology was born. Over the years, Jodi’s offerings have expanded to include many different wisdom tools, classes in meditation and intuitive development, mentoring, Goddess Activations, and much more.

From the beginning, her astrology readings were filled with a great deal of intuitive guidance for clients and Intuitive Astrology was born. Over the years, Jodi’s offerings have expanded to include many different wisdom tools, classes in meditation and intuitive development, mentoring, Goddess Activations, and much more.

Jodi’s sessions assist her clients in understanding the qualities that make them unique and how to use those things that come naturally, for making better decisions, and successfully navigating life’s ups and downs. She has a passion for helping clients access the wisdom of the body and their unique brand of intuition. Her sessions help clients quickly right themselves and reconnect with their greatest asset, the wisdom of their own heart.

Jodi, a Gemini Sun sign, is also an avid hoop dance instructor and writer. In hoop dance, as in life, her invitation is ‘Bring your inner Goddess out to play’.

Check out Goddess Hoop Dance and Goddess of Now for much more about liberating and access your inner Goddess wisdom.

The Beginning

It all began when I was a kid. Astrology and I were fast friends from the beginning. Back in the 1960s, my mom would bring home the monthly issue of the astrology magazine and we’d skip directly to the page that had the predictions for our Sun signs. (She has a Sagittarius Sun, mine is in Gemini.) Of course, we looked up the predictions for all of our family members, as well, looking for insight into their current behavior. We had long conversations about the different zodiac signs and what that meant in terms of ourselves and those we loved. Sun sign astrology became interwoven into any conversation in which we were discussing someone’s character or lack thereof… My mom had studied psychology in college and passed her curiosity and fascination with human nature on to me.

As time went on, the astrology bug never really let go. As a young adult, I happened upon a professional astrologer who soon after became my teacher. Over time, it became clear that astrology was the door to discovering so much more about my intuitive gifts that quickly outstripped what sometimes felt like the two-dimensional confines of the astrology chart. People are beautifully complex, much more so than can be seen within a chart. And yet, we start with the chart. That is the foundation, the blueprint, offering layer upon layer of insight, if one is open to seeing beneath the surface.


I am no stranger to change but the rate of shift going on lately has been staggering. Hold things in place in one area of life and they go off the rails in another. It’s taken some time to accept this staccato pace, that seems to gain momentum with each month that passes. The ways and means that we once used to stay on top of things are largely ineffective, even cumbersome, these days. So what do we do? How can we cope with the sheer volume of things calling for our time and attention? Our poor brains have been given quite a workout just trying to direct traffic, much less, make decisions that feel solid and well-thought out.

Gaining understanding of the nature of our intuitive gifts and natural genius enables us to make faster, more effective decisions. An intuitive consultation offers you fresh insight into what is up in your life and information to strengthen your confidence in your intuitive abilities. Now, more than ever, being attuned to our intuition and values, so we can live from a place of alignment between heart and mind, makes all the difference.

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  1. Hi –

    I just stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed your writing. We’re always looking for gifted astrologers/writers — let me know if you might be interested in freelance writing in some capacity.

    I look forward to hearing from you — and happy Mercury Retrograde!

    Linda Kelly, Editor-in-Chief
    Astrology.com, an NBC Universal Company

  2. Hi I have just started to awaking and found your blog and find it so interesting , I have always been drawn to the stars and find your info very helpful keep up the good work xx

    love and light Namaste xxxx

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