The New Moon Pisces Style

Here’s my take on this energetically and emotionally fully loaded Pisces New Moon.

This Pisces New Moon conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces (This is a very rare configuration that amps up the energy, remarkably.) feels like an opening for the washing away of so much that no longer serves us. We are being called to release the past (the old grids, the old rules, the old beliefs, anything that has kept us from living our highest and best) and dream a future that our logical mind cannot begin to imagine.

Pisces rules surrender and wild imagination, but also deception, illusion, and illnesses like viruses. It is highly attuned to the other realms and has a sensitivity that can make it a challenge to be grounded in the body. This is other-worldly energy. It defies definition and structure. Any attempts to contain it are folly.

If you have been feeling extra emotional or moody, let yourself roll through it. We are learning, one more time, to surf the waves, rather than stand where they break and curse the ocean.

Chiron just moved into Aries, after about 8 years in Pisces. So, I feel part of what this New Moon/Neptune AND Pisces Mercury Retrograde is all about, is bringing those things that came up as themes, during that time, to be reviewed and either released or brought to some kind of resolution. Re-SOUL-u-tion.

We know what the issues are, both spiritual and physical, and everything in-between, for that matter. We have the context, the bigger picture, from which to re-solve that which has plagued us. We can see with fresh eyes, grounded in the spiritual. (Neptune with the new moon, and Uranus (inventive, technology, visionary, revolutionary) now in Taurus (earth sign that rules the senses of the body, among other things). Uranus in Taurus is also offering us an opportunity to make rapid changes to things that may have felt impossible (i’m-possible). Also, this can really amp up all of the clairs, (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, etc.) and even bring new ones online. Being in the body is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

To me, this is all about healing. Healing ourselves, body and soul, so we can truly be, know and act with integrity from our shiniest potentials. As we stop insisting that things be a certain way, a galaxy of possibilities and potentials shine forth. For now, though, loosen your grip, allow things to flow and follow the shiny breadcrumbs to your most vibrant and miraculous outcomes.

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