Be Like a Tree

Be like a tree

Send roots deep into the earth

Down below the commotion

Down to the soft moist darkness

Down where the cool soothing

Source of nourishment

Births new life

Be like a tree

Spread your wings like branches

Out and up… skyward

Send shoots of new green growth

In unexplored directions

Grow more full and lush

As you stand where you stand

So your being can express

And discover itself in your constancy

Your stillness

Your movement

While maintaining your ground

Be like a tree

Strong and solid

Fluid and reaching

Branching out

But true to you

However you may grow

Be like a tree

Bending and shifting

Swaying and playing

A rhythmic tune

Echoing on the breeze

As your leaves go

Your pages turn

One after another

Chapters written

Like the rings marking time

On the trunk of the tree

You endeavor to be

Be like a tree

Standing your ground

Reaching out to the sky

No wondering why

Just living

And being

From the depths of your roots

To the tips of your top

A tree stands tall

It bends with the wind

It changes as it grows

And will always be a tree

© 2003 Jodi Flesberg Lilly

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