Love It or Lose It


I recently got an up close and personal look at just how fleeting life can be. While we are spending our time focused and worried about nonsense our lives are passing us by. I have taken up talking to strangers. Pretty much every one of them has been a delight and happy to share in a light-hearted moment, or be told they look great in that color or that I appreciate their help, if they are doing some kind of customer service. Who doesn’t feel better when someone notices and appreciates what they are offering?
It really is the little things that determine how we are able to handle the big things. If we aren’t loving our life, we alone have the power to change things. Loving our lives is a direct result of loving ourselves and honoring what makes us unique. We each have a distinct energy and way of being. As we appreciate this in ourselves, the world becomes a friendlier, more inclusive place for all of us. I think that’s a worthy goal, right about now.

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