The Tango of Intangibles


I trade in the tango of intangibles

Energy, vibration, intention and Love

Those things that no one can put a price on

The stuff that doesn’t count

For those who keep score


Mine is the invisible realm

That connects people

And offers them hope

Of healing, of joy

And another way of living


Mine is the slippery slope

Of inconvenient feelings

The unfortunate ones no one really wants

The ones that take us deep into who we are

When we are raw

Stripped of the niceties

Of a society uncomfortable

With our expressions sadness, grief

Pain or sorrow

Even our giddiness and glee


I trade in matters of the soul, you see

The part of us that speaks

In the dead of night

That whispers the dreaded truth

That the stuff we bought into

All those bright ideas

That allowed us to fit in

And find our place

Are never going to take us where we want to go

They lead us away from who we are

And the whole point of being here


Mine is the realm of the psyche

The spirit, the unconscious becoming known

The passage we are challenged to navigate

From survival

To finally hearing the call

Of the immeasurable Love we are

The Love that reminds us of what matters

The Love that, in the end

Is the only thing that counts


2014 – Jodi Lilly

4 thoughts on “The Tango of Intangibles”

    1. Thank you, Adela! I wrote this two years ago in a moment of frustration at attempting to explain the work that I do, to someone. Afterward I closed the doc and forgot about it. The other day I came across it and publishing it no longer felt like such a big deal. I was finally willing to say it out loud. I appreciate your reading and leaving such a lovely comment. Your feedback means a lot to me, love.

  1. So pure, profound, powerful and filled with grace and Love! Jodi – Thank you so much! I’m in awe, inspired and nurtured by your words and your presence in my life.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa! I’m honored by your comments and so grateful to have a chance to see you, again and get to exchange a hug between our classes on Saturday mornings.

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