People Always Asked Her…

People Always Asked

Those of us who aren’t interested in traveling the well-trodden trails of the masses are often seen as a mystery to those who do. Anyone looking to upgrade and reform their life from the inside out knows that the way is seldom clear. In fact, in most cases, one is certain of nothing but the ground on which she is standing in any given moment. Such is the journey of one who knows there is more to life than what meets the eye. Those of us with fiery spirits and rebel hearts bristle at the thought of dying with our inner magic untapped, knowing we are capable of so much more. Our purpose is to rise to that which shines brightest within us and become masters of our lives.

Some of us are here to be living examples, expressing our true potential as humans. In so doing, others see what is possible for them, as well. We may not know the details of how it will happen or the exact destination, but we have heard the call and trust that we are well on our way to living the extraordinary life we came to claim.

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