Taurus Full Moon

Fancy under the Taurus Full Moon
Fancy under the Taurus Full Moon

The moon reached its fullness yesterday, in Taurus, sign of self-esteem, sensuality and earthy beauty. This is far from the best picture I’ve taken of a full moon, but it was the best of the moon and Fancy, perched on the fence.

The moon is exalted in Taurus, the sign ruled by the Goddess planet, Venus, which is all about the body and our direct, felt experiences in life and the creatures with whom we share this lovely planet.

Taurus is about what matters to us and plays a large part in what materializes in our lives. To what are you paying your time and attention? These are huge clues about what we value. If our values and the things we support are not aligned, we end up with a disconnect between what we love and what shows up for us. The more aligned vision and values are, the more we experience the beauty and grace life has to offer.

As we move into the moon’s waning period, taking stock of what no longer serves us, in preparation for the next cycle of our lives, helps keep us in flow, in these times of accelerated change.



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