Scorpio – Living the Mystery

Capricorn Full Moon over Santa Barbara - July 2014 Photo by Jodi Lilly
Capricorn Full Moon over Santa Barbara – July 2014 Photo by Jodi Lilly

Moonlight beams down

Softening hard edges

And clean lines

Mystery rules the night


The sky


With its own brand of light

Offers solace

In which to release

The harsher realities of the day


Gazing out over the ocean

The full moon

A jewel among the stars

Invites reflection

Offers comfort

At a time when I feel so alone


Why am I here?

I ask

Why is this so hard?

What happened

To all those dreams

That once drew me forth?


Like art

On an enchanted canvas

Stars twinkle in reply

I see my questions

Are small matters

In the big scheme of things


The answers lie

In this moment

In witnessing the magnificence

In holding this holy moment

Communion with the sky

In not only eyes and mind

But Heart and Soul


Life is a mystery

Living the mystery

With open Heart and Mind

Offers magic


When we think

We already know


October 31, 2006

(C) Jodi Lilly – All rights reserved

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