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Mercury’s Retro Phase ~Recognize, Release and Reclaim

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This picture is a color-enhanced shot of Mercury. Isn’t it gorgeous! Mercury is poised to go into its second of three retrograde phases for the year. This time, from June 7 to July 1. Every cycle is good for something, and my Gemini, writer self, likes to think about Mercury Retrograde as the ideal time for editing  one’s life.

Anyone who’s done any creative undertaking, knows there is a time for getting all of the ideas on the page (or canvas). Once we’ve done that, it’s time  to step back and see what works and what doesn’t. Which elements are perfect for that project or piece and what doesn’t fit. Often, the parts that seemed like our most brilliant thinking while in creative flow don’t add anything to the finished product. Instead, as more of the picture has unfolded, they may take us off course.

Life is like that, too. We go full steam ahead picking up something here and something else over there. As perfect as these people, places and things may be, at the time, few of them will make the cut for the long haul. Most will break down or break apart or break our heart, sooner or later. Sometimes this happens so subtly we hardly notice until we stop and take stock.

That’s why Mercury’s retrograde cycle really can be a godsend. If we learn to use those three weeks appropriately, it can serves us in getting current and eliminating a lot of undue stress. Here are some practical ways to engage this energy:

Recognize  It is human nature to become oblivious to what is in our environment. After a while, anything that’s there starts to look normal and we stop noticing it. If you take a conscious look around your home (imagining seeing my home through the eyes of a guest who is visiting for the first time, usually puts me on full alert and noticing all kinds of things I would otherwise overlook) and make note of the unfinished projects; broken objects; ill-fitting, unflattering, stained, or otherwise damaged clothing that you haven’t been wearing, with fresh eyes, you’ll start to see a theme called ‘things that I didn’t feel like dealing with’.  Also known as energy drains. We’ve all got them.

Or maybe you are pretty good about staying organized and up to date with the physical stuff but your cyber stuff is choking off your creative flow. It could be an overflowing inbox; email from subscriptions to sources that are no longer of interest; documents that need to be organized in files; and then there are all those digital pictures that languish on the computer, unchecked, rather than being printed, forwarded, posted and organized into albums.

Or your ‘clutter’ may be of the emotional variety. People that drain your energy with their incessant drama, too much exposure to media negativity or situations that you can’t resolve, no matter what you do.

Release  Let it go! The world and the way we live in it, is changing at an unprecedented rate. As it turns out, the object of life is not about being the one who collects the most stuff. It is about letting go of everything we thought we were supposed to be and coming back to the purity of who we are; spiritual beings, living physical lives.

Reclaim  Now decide which of these things are worth the time it will take to finish, fix or free up closet space or room on your hard drive. If you start with the things you know just ‘aren’t you’ anymore and clear those out of your space, you’ll be amazed at what a relief that alone can be, to the psyche. Any unfinished business is held, not only in our homes or computers, but in our minds, as well. Reclaim your space and sanity by releasing the things of the past that hold no value in your life today.

If you need more insight into what’s good about Mercury Retrograde, here are a few words to inspire your journey.

Relinquish, restore, reconsider, review, realign, recapitulate, re-establish, renew, revise, recreation, rewrite, render, rest, reunite, restitution, relish, recreate,  relax, and revisit.

Remember, rest reaps real recreation. 🙂

I’d love to hear from you as we progress through this cycle and apply some of these tools. Also, if you receive any insights on how this Mercury Retrograde is working for you. It works, if you work it.

Love, Jodi



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