Breathe In LOVE, Reset Your Brain

A number of years ago, I met Core Love. His name was Cory Herter at the time, but one could feel the ‘core love’ brimming from inside him. Cory taught about the L.O.V.E. (Laws of Vibrational Energy) and the things he had to say fascinated and delighted me from the first. Core has become a friend, over the years. His teachings have evolved remarkably, over time and he has helped countless people to improve their lives through the use of the Sacred Geometry he has designed and his deceptively simple but highly effective techniques. Core Love is an Aquarius Sun sign and a true genius, complete with the quirky sense of humor and brilliant ideas.

This G-Breath meditation video is one simple tool you can use to start or end your day, transition from one task to the next or just give your brain a much-needed reset.


You can see Core’s products here:

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