Void, Of Course

My day got off to a weird start today. Nothing went as expected. I went to teach my hoop dance class this morning and no one else showed up. Not one student came. I took this in stride and made the best of it. Some days people are busy. Apparently, today everyone was busy. So I used the studio for my own practice session, reveling in the luxury of all that space and a wall of mirrors. I set up my tripod and video camera and played with some new moves to see how they looked and what I needed to work on. I’ve been teaching hoop dance for just a year now and love it more than I’d ever have guessed possible.

I had a meeting scheduled for lunch time today. I’d even been sent a reminder. When I got there no one was anywhere to be found. Apparently, the meeting was canceled and no one thought to let me know.

I went home. Some days it is better to just let go than to push against something that isn’t happening. All the resistance in the world wouldn’t change things and all that pushing against would just leave me exhausted at the end of the day. Instead, I went out and ran errands. I walked into a salon and asked if there was anyone who had time to do a pedicure. A woman named Tami who came from Viet Nam in 1979 was preparing the foot bath when I got to her chair. She escaped from her country when the communists took over, she told me. She couldn’t live with the communists. She left her family and everyone she knew. That is a bravery I am thankful I have never had to summon. I left the salon feeling uplifted by our exchange, with bright fuchsia toenails, and feeling like a million bucks.

Sometimes the best stuff happens when things don’t go the way we thought they would or should. When we say the moon is ‘void of course’ it means has moved past its relationship with the other planets in the solar system and it is hard to guess what might happen. Sometimes we get into an orbit that is out of sync with others in our world and things don’t go according to plan. If we open our hearts and let go of our plans, real magic can happen.

The moon was not void of course today, but I was, and some pretty cool things happened as a result. Rather than ending the day feeling that I can’t win–which is the way I’d have felt not too long ago–I’m ending my day with great appreciation for all of the miraculous things that happened expressly because things didn’t go the way I thought they would.

Life is good. Have you noticed?

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