Reprise: Mercury’s Gone Retrograde and the Moon is on the Wane, Again

While Mercury is retrograde, currently from August 21–September 13, things can get a little weird. We go along, business as usual, but life seems to be playing tricks on us. We blame it on Mercury, aka the Trickster, saying he’s up to his mischief, again. However, if we are paying attention and focusing on the areas retrograde Mercury enhances, we can come out of this three week cycle better organized, healthier, happier and feeling good about ourselves.

Mercury is in the retrograde phase of its cycle in Virgo, the sign of the harvest and one of the signs Mercury rules. We can make the most of this time by focusing on the details for a little while and trusting that if we take care of the things that are obvious the rest will be well served. This is the time for cleaning up loose ends and either completing or deleting projects that have languished, unfinished, for far too long. Review, reconsider, relax, relinquish, rest, restore, reclaim, recreate, respond, restructure, refinance, realize, renovate, reorganize and realize renewal. Virgo is the sign of digestion, sorting the seeds of potential, assimilation, integration, creating systems of order, health and hygiene. It is in charge of work–not necessarily the career but the stuff we do for money or because it needs doing–and service–the things we can do well and feel good about offering to others, whether formally or casually. The ways in which we do or do not take care of our bodies fall under Virgo’s influence, too–optimally, these include our exercise program, a good diet of nourishing food, and taking pleasure in the small things, like how great we feel when we are taking good care of ourselves.

Virgo has a bad reputation for being the pickiest sign in the zodiac and likes things to be just so; you may notice your inner critic particularly active lately, about things that maybe haven’t bothered you for years. When the Sun and Mercury are in Virgo, as they are now, many of us who normally don’t seem to have any Virgo-like tendencies at all, may find ourselves feeling the Virgoan impulses to clean, organize and make some lifestyle changes that makes us look and feel healthier.

With the moon waning until the New Moon in Virgo on September 8th, we are doubly primed for letting go of anything that isn’t working for us or enhancing our experience in some way, particularly in terms of our health–diet, exercise program or lack there of–and/or the systems of order we use to get and stay organized. This is a great time for clearing clutter, including the unused and unnecessary files on your computer. I finally went out yesterday and bought some odd sizes of plastic boxes to use in reorganizing my closet and office–the room in my house that has seemed to defy order. After years of trying to cram too many things into the limited storage space I have, I am now relentlessly releasing the things that are no longer working for me. My life has changed, I have changed and so much of this stuff I literally never use today. What a relief to send it off to charity where maybe someone else can use it!

So, Mercury’s gone retrograde and the moon is on the wane… sounds like the title of a country music song, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s just life playing itself backward for a while so we have a chance to catch up..

*Mercury goes direct, again, on September 13, 2010.

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