Dream A Little Dream Of Spring

Spring waits in quiet splendor just around the bend
These last days of winter dawn softly
Releasing the final vestiges of the past twelve months
Days grow longer; sunlight slowly overtaking the night

Dream time is rich; filled with vibrant images
People long gone but never forgotten by the heart
Appear full of life and laughter
Singing the timeless greetings of their spirit

Everything is possible in this nebulous world of wonder
Beauty reaches new heights in this sacred space within
Flashes of insight and seeds of potential in glimmers of grace
Carry their promise on the breeze of imagination.

Exotic flowers in full bloom carry me back to the island life I left behind
I see the shining sea and the bougainvillea-lined lane of my morning runs
The magical beach I walked at sunset rejoicing in the splendor of Life
Lives and breathes in the eternal springtime of me, still.

© 2007, 2010 Jodi Flesberg Lilly

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