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Love, Love, LOVE

All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love still holds up as one of the best songs of all time, for me. And tonight, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, seems the perfect time to post it here. Love is so many things–only a small part of which is romantic. Grand and glorious as romantic love can be, if we haven’t learned to love ourselves first our love for another will not fill the hole in our soul and psyche.

Love is the animating force of every living thing. It is the energy that beats the heart and keeps the world going round. Love is the essence of who we are. With love all things are possible. Without love we are mere machines going through the motions. Living is loving. Loving makes life worth living. Love, love, LOVE!

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 09° Pisces 34' 59"
Moon 04° Taurus 53' 06"
Mercury 04° Pisces 04' 40" R
Venus 24° Aries 00' 30"
Mars 08° Capricorn 26' 10"
Jupiter 19° Capricorn 18' 30"
Saturn 28° Capricorn 02' 23"
Uranus 03° Taurus 38' 23"
Neptune 18° Pisces 03' 43"
Pluto 24° Capricorn 13' 35"
Chiron 03° Aries 52' 28"
TrueNode 05° Cancer 55' 57" R

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