Cosmic Diamond Ring

Sun, Earth and Moon unite
In a dance of Divine delight
Potential and promise
In starburst glowing gold
Natural magic unseen by human eyes
Far beyond our imaginings
There, all the same

Cosmic music plays a love song
One we each know by heart
Coded in our genes
Written in the stars
Keeping us in time
A melody unheard by human ears
Always and ever present
There, all along

Love in all its guises
Beats the Universal drum
The very heart of the Universe
Pounds a steady pulse
Rhythm of the stars
Calls us back to now
Into the precious present
Here, where we belong

(C) 2006, 2010 Jodi Flesberg Lilly ~All Rights Reserved

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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 20° Scorpio 55' 15"
Moon 03° Gemini 14' 55"
Mercury 16° Scorpio 22' 06" R
Venus 14° Sagittarius 36' 57"
Mars 26° Libra 15' 25"
Jupiter 25° Sagittarius 52' 24"
Saturn 16° Capricorn 23' 02"
Uranus 03° Taurus 57' 10" R
Neptune 15° Pisces 58' 53" R
Pluto 21° Capricorn 03' 01"
Chiron 01° Aries 49' 28" R
TrueNode 09° Cancer 16' 39" R

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