Be the Beam

Be the Beam
Ride the waves of potential
Feel your passion swelling
Like the ocean at high tide
Raising the energetic waters
From your very depths
Momentum building
Rolling over
Spilling out
In frothy exuberance
Landing at your feet
Sending tingling currents
Of possibility
Crashing against your shore
Pounding on your door

“Here we are
In all our crystalline glory!
Here, at your disposal
In your Presence
At your beckoning
Engage us as you will
Your wish is our command
Your desire turns us on
Play with us
Together we create
Birthing new worlds
The adventure begins
Expressing, expanding
Wave on wave
Breath after breath
Step by step by step”

Engage the possibilities
Ignite your passion
Live your potential
Be the glorious beam
You are
Light In Motion

Copyright (c) 2008-2010 Jodi Flesberg Lilly ~All Rights Reserved

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