Groovin' On a Sunny Afternoon

The weather has been dreary here, in Northern California, for weeks now. The sun finally peeked through the overcast sky this afternoon when I wasn’t busy with other things so I grabbed my iPod and my ‘outdoor hoop’ and went out to soak up some of the golden goodness.

Before I knew it I found my rhythm, and got back into my own groove in the only place that really happens for me these days, in the center of the sacred circle of the hoop.

It was only six months ago that I got my first hoop. At the time I had no idea how deeply it would impact my life or that I would discover a passion that makes my whole being beam.

Whenever I feel lost or frustrated or out of sorts these days, I find myself alive and joyful and very well, in the hoop.

We all need a way to get back to the center of who we are. The world pulls so hard and relentlessly that it is easy to lose our bearings. Where do you go and what do you do to find yourself when it’s time to come back to yourself? What is it that makes your heart and spirit sing? What brings you blissfully awake and alert and alive?

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