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A Breath of Fresh Air

There is nothing like a few good deep breaths to help a person slow down and relax. I took my first ever CPR Certification class over the weekend and one of the things they recommend doing is having the injured person breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth to help them relax.

I have long been a fan of breathing. I learned many years ago that breathing consciously and deliberately helps in letting go of tension, breaking habits and focusing, to say nothing of the difference it makes in one’s ability to perform physical tasks and exercise.

It was fairly recently, though, that I really began to understand the transformative quality of the breath that enables one to release even the toxic emotions and memories that impact us so deeply they change our sense of who we are and what is possible for us in this life.

Breath of LOVE (acronym for Laws Of Vibrational Energy) is a new technique taught by Cory Herter that makes it possible to pretty much rewrite one’s own history or at least change, in the present, our experience of the past. Breath of LOVE allows a person to release the emotional charge of traumatic or disturbing memories so the experience can be integrated and the person is free of the weight of that experience and the behavior patterns that were developed as a result.

I have been asked by several people about the wisdom of letting go of these old, painful memories, after all, they say, don’t we need to remember those things to make sure we don’t forget what we learned from them? The answer is no, no, no. Once a memory has been processed and integrated the experience becomes part of who you are rather than something that happened to you. As a result, you have a piece of wisdom networked into your being that was previously sitting, unresolved in the subconscious. Once we face those things that happened and breathe through the layers of the experience we begin to make connections we were not aware of before. Insights surface about ourselves and others in the experience and we begin to see how other experiences are related. When the memory has been fully processed we come to a new awareness about ourselves and our life.

The breath is a transformational power tool. Most of us just haven’t understood how to use it for our transformational healing. Breath of LOVE makes it possible to literally ‘change your mind’ and lighten up in about an hour.

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