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I have had a nagging feeling there was more to say about 2010 being a year of magic so I looked up the journal entry I wrote on the morning of New Year’s Day when I first posed the question:

So what about this fresh new year?

This is the year of Magic. The year in which old rules are broken and new possibilities are realized. A year in which I (you) learn to command energy and create transformation and inspiration follows fast on the heels of it.

This is a year in which dreams are realized, changes happen swiftly and beautifully and that which was once thought to be miraculous becomes commonplace.

This is an extraordinary year being born right now. A year in which empowerment is understood and wisdom prevails.

There is much that will take place in these first three months as the pieces move and a new design is created. The picture will change in a way that will awe and delight you.

I am already seeing evidence of magic manifesting in my life–the picture changes daily in ways that truly amaze me and boggle my mind. Life is good. Have you noticed?

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I’d love to hear your thoughts on magic or hear about how it is playing out in your life. Enjoy!

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