2010 ~The Year of Magic

I like to check in with myself as each year begins to get a sense of what the theme is for the year-to-come. Last year my intuition was very clear that it would be a year of miracles. And without question, miracles occurred. One after another. Some came wrapped in the cloaks of challenges. Others have been, well, miraculous. 2009 was quite a year.

So, on the eve of 2010 I sat down, again and asked what would be the theme of this new year. “2010 is the Year of Magic!”, said the familiar voice in my head. “This is the year that you will see your own hand in the fruits of the changes that occur. You will find new and better ways to do things. Ease will replace effort as the most efficient way of getting things done. You will be astonished by what you and many others will accomplish despite what may appear to be overwhelming odds. It is time for magic. It is time to move in the direction of playfulness and laughter and joy. Be open to the possibilities and see what is revealed. It is time to follow the shiny breadcrumbs and see where they lead.”

I have been hearing from my Inner Guidance about shiny breadcrumbs for many years now. Unlike the breadcrumbs in the Hansel and Gretel story, shiny breadcrumbs are not edible. In fact, they are not visible to anyone but the one to whom they belong. They mark the way to back to the heart of who we are; coded just for us, so that when we are ready we can find our way to those things which evoke the joy that is our essential nature. Magic is many things. We have been led to believe that magic is nothing but illusion, trickery and slight of hand. Real magic is what happens when we let go of the things that really don’t work anymore and start to embrace our lives whole-heartedly, choosing the path that calls to us rather than the one so many others are soldiering down. Magic happens all the time. It is up to us to open not only our eyes but our minds to see what we are capable of when we put our heart into something.

Here’s wishing you and yours a year of Magic and Miracles.

4 thoughts on “2010 ~The Year of Magic”

  1. I love this theme and to confirm this for you too I have been getting the magic message too. I chose a card from a beautiful card deck I just put on my website page callled free recordings and cards , Path of the Soul – Destiny Cards Oracle Reading.and it was a card called Magic!
    my website is http://www.rainbowhealings.com

    1. Thank you, Erika, for your comment and for confirming this theme.

      It is always fun to connect with others who are on the same energetic wavelength and discover that we are by no means alone. Magic abounds! The more of us that are looking for magic, the more we will notice it and the more it will be made manifest.

      I actually hesitated before posting this. I had my very down-to-earth boyfriend read it and halfway through he said, “I hope you are right.” And then he said, “Yes, post it. It’s good. People will like it.” And so I did. And then you confirm that I am not alone in getting this message. I love it when stuff like this happens

  2. Beautifully received and written, Jodi. Yes, 2010 – the year of magic and miracles (magical miracles!). What you’ve written would be a great daily meditation for starting and ending the day as we move into this year of embracing our own life-magic. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Thank you, Jamie!

      I love the idea of beginning and ending the day focused on one’s own life-magic. What a wonderful way to regularly reconnect with our joyful nature!


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