Mercury's Direct In Virgo

After spending the last three weeks retrograde – some people swear it feels more like three months – Mercury has changed directions to move forward, once again, in Virgo. We can look forward to fresh insights, now, about some of the subjects that have surfaced since the first part of September. Mercury is all about communication, networks, systems, analysis, organization and the tools and vehicles that make these things possible. In Virgo, we may now come to new realizations about diet, health, hygiene and better ways to take care of the little details that make a big difference that so easily fall through the cracks.

Mercury in Virgo offers opportunities to see through the big picture, which can obscure the heart of the matter or source of the issue, to the essence of what we need to know to make informed decisions. The current talk about vaccines and government mandates to require people to be vaccinated makes me wonder what it is they aren’t telling us. The stage is set for much more information to come to light on this and many similar subjects.

The potentials are ripe for breaking through to fresh approaches to health and human services, both personally and globally. We, the people, ultimately, choose the direction we go from here.

Virgo is the sign of grounded, practical action that promotes order and well-being. Virgo rules the assimilation system in the body–that which we have taken in or taken on, whether it be a meal or a piece of information, requires time to be digested before we can receive its nourishment or understand what it means for us. Only when assimilation and integration occur do we experience the integrity that allows us to understand what is appropriate rather than taking action based on fear or the well-meaning opinions of others.

As Mercury moves back through Virgo and into the early degrees of Libra I encourage you to give yourself the gift of some unscheduled time–it’s so good for you! This is also an excellent time for considering what you can do to become a healthier you. Enjoy!

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    1. Thank you, Elsa! What a wonderful comment to find here.

      I got lots of hits, today. Many more than I usually get. Love your Astro Dispatch blog! I really appreciate your including my blog post.

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