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Mercury's Direct In Virgo

After spending the last three weeks retrograde – some people swear it feels more like three months – Mercury has changed directions to move forward, once again, in Virgo. We can look forward to fresh insights, now, about some of the subjects that have surfaced since the first part of September. Mercury is all about communication, networks, systems, analysis, organization and the tools and vehicles that make these things possible. In Virgo, we may now come to new realizations about diet, health, hygiene and better ways to take care of the little details that make a big difference that so easily fall through the cracks.

Mercury in Virgo offers opportunities to see through the big picture, which can obscure the heart of the matter or source of the issue, to the essence of what we need to know to make informed decisions. The current talk about vaccines and government mandates to require people to be vaccinated makes me wonder what it is they aren’t telling us. The stage is set for much more information to come to light on this and many similar subjects.

The potentials are ripe for breaking through to fresh approaches to health and human services, both personally and globally. We, the people, ultimately, choose the direction we go from here.

Virgo is the sign of grounded, practical action that promotes order and well-being. Virgo rules the assimilation system in the body–that which we have taken in or taken on, whether it be a meal or a piece of information, requires time to be digested before we can receive its nourishment or understand what it means for us. Only when assimilation and integration occur do we experience the integrity that allows us to understand what is appropriate rather than taking action based on fear or the well-meaning opinions of others.

As Mercury moves back through Virgo and into the early degrees of Libra I encourage you to give yourself the gift of some unscheduled time–it’s so good for you! This is also an excellent time for considering what you can do to become a healthier you. Enjoy!

Yes, Mercury Is Still Retrograde

Everywhere I turn people are talking about Mercury’s current retrograde phase. Yes, it is still retrograde. It went retrograde on September 7th and will station direct on September 29th.

Writers understand that a piece of writing is not finished until it has been edited. Writing and editing are completely different functions. While writing can be done in a flow of creative inspiration, editing requires an eye for detail, an objectivity that serves the overall piece, and a willingness to relinquish those sometimes brilliant words and passages that don’t serve the higher objective.

Mercury’s retrograde cycle essentially presents us with an opportunity for editing our lives. Every three months or so, The Messenger changes direction and shines a light on the recent or even distant past. This is a great time for finishing things, getting organized, getting caught up and letting go of some of those things that no longer serve a useful purpose.

If you are attempting to make something new happen now, keep in mind that set-backs reveal areas in which communication was not clear or something needs to be repaired or addressed. Patience and several deep breaths work wonders should it be necessary to back up a few steps in order to get something right.

While Mercury is retrograde, progress happens by going backward. This is an excellent time to reconsider, revise, revamp, restore, refresh, research, realize, revisit, renew and relinquish. I love making a list of re- words that remind me of what an empowering period this is, if I choose to make the most of it. I’d love to hear some of your favorites.

Remember, retreat, relax and enjoy your favorite forms of recreation!

Celebrating the Fruits of Summer 2009

Last Days of Summer 2009

Today is the last full day of summer. The Sun is about to enter the final degree of Virgo. Mercury is retrograde and the Moon is, once again, waxing. Beginnings and endings coalesce and caress the senses. Every open door we enter marks the end of that which came before.

I love summer. I have always loved it and after living for a time in Hawaii, know that one season is plenty for me. Some more summer, please. I was born in late spring. The vibrancy of color in bloom on green hillsides, fresh warm breezes and extra-long days–sun high and bright in the clear blue sky–are etched upon my soul.

My summer has been full of inspiring changes, unexpected pleasures, delightful new companions and a new-found passion for, of all things, hooping. Remember the hula hoop from the 50s and 60s? Well, it’s back and this time it is for grown-ups. We call it Hoop Dance and it has opened my world in remarkable ways in just a few short weeks.

All of this new energy and inspiration has worked to open my mind to fresh perspectives and potentials, as well. I am rethinking the subjects on which I wish to write and the kinds of work I do with clients. I have called myself an Intuitive Astrologer for the past dozen or so years, now. Today, that title feels limiting. While I still find benefit in referring to the astrology chart, the astrology I am interested in practicing today is what I am calling the ‘new astrology of potential’. The world really has changed. This is a new day. There are potentials and possibilities available to each of us that did not previously exist.

As my work has evolved over the years I have come to understand that one of the things I do when working with clients is to channel the wisdom of their Expanded Consciousness. I can no longer count the number of times a client has remarked on how fascinating it is to them that I used ‘that word’ or brought up ‘that subject’, as it is something they have been thinking about or feeling for some time. They light up when they recognize the voice of their intuition coming through me. I cannot tell them anything they don’t already know, on some level.

Today my work is evolving to that of an Intuitive Advisor and Consciousness Teacher. I love to remind people of their own potential and assist them in recognizing their own empowering truth.

I am off for a run in the sun on this beautiful day. Thank you for joining in my celebration of the expansiveness of this remarkable season.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 03° Sagittarius 00' 14"
Moon 02° Aries 26' 55"
Mercury 19° Scorpio 08' 56"
Venus 04° Scorpio 03' 16"
Mars 15° Aries 59' 38"
Jupiter 24° Capricorn 58' 02"
Saturn 27° Capricorn 51' 55"
Uranus 07° Taurus 43' 48" R
Neptune 18° Pisces 10' 04" R
Pluto 23° Capricorn 06' 00"
Chiron 05° Aries 08' 36" R
TrueNode 20° Gemini 04' 37" R

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