Eclipses, Emotions and Sacred G

I have spoken to so many people over the past week who are feeling upset about one thing or another. These are people who are normally pretty rational, together types who are finding themselves whipped into a dramatic frenzy about something that has either felt like a personal affront, or completely baffled them. I was surprised to find myself in this group, last week, too. Though I have weathered many of these emotional storms, it takes a while before I realize that my big reaction has little or nothing to do with the situation that has triggered those feelings.

As I wrote in my previous post, we just completed a series of three eclipses between July 7 and August 5. Eclipses work like magic to unearth old emotional patterns that have been held for years or even decades in the subconscious. Unawareness of these emotionally-charged patterns doesn’t mean they haven’t had an affect on one’s experiences. In fact, these unconscious patterns form the basis upon which many, if not all, of our beliefs about ‘the way life is’ were created. That which we experience is what we know as true for us. It is what we lived, after all. Over time this ‘truth’ has been reinforced so often that most of us come to feel we are helpless to change it. Even when we want to. Even when we see that others don’t have these same issues. We don’t understand how they are being created since the origins of these patterns are stowed away somewhere that the brain cannot consciously access. At the time the original event occurred we did not have the capacity to deal with the it. Our systems are designed to protect us from being aware of things we cannot yet handle. So now, even though we are older, wiser and much more experienced, until we can process the memory and release the emotional charge that has kept the pattern active, we will continue to see it in our current reality.

The key to changing this lies in our willingness to explore an issue that comes up and feels all too familiar. We are often aware that this isn’t the first time we have felt this way; though we are hard pressed to understand why it is happening, yet again. Unprocessed memory holds the pattern active in our energy field until we can finally see it for what it is and discharge the emotion from long ago.

Eclipses touch off sensitive areas in our lives, activating them to give us an opportunity to process the experience and integrate the energy that was previously stuck and replaying the same verse, like a broken record. Liberating yourself from that old story that is not the truth of who you are is the reward. By taking a little time to be with the way you are feeling and recall other times when you felt this way, you begin to free the energy that has bound up a portion of your life-force until you were ready to know more of the truth of who you are.

The best thing I have found to free up more vitality by clearing these old memories and their emotional charge is Sacred G. I have been using Sacred G since March 2009 and highly recommend it. My life has changed in remarkable ways since then, simply and easily. Check it out at Cory is a remarkable person who has been through a profound healing journey. He has used what he has learned to create Sacred G. The benefits are too numerous to recount here. He has posted lots of videos in which he explains in great detail, how Sacred G works and what you can expect to experience. He is currently making Sacred G available as a file you can download so you can experience for yourself what it can do for you.

2 thoughts on “Eclipses, Emotions and Sacred G”

  1. Hi Jodi. U probably don’t remember me, but I used to listen to Cory’s webinars. Man do I miss them. Since he had been doing other things I didn’t feel as connected even though I still have my Sacred G posters under my mattress. I just felt like a slacker cause I couldn’t keep up with what he was doing and u needed to have a partner to work with to do the healing techniques. Bummer. Anyhow he was going to start the webinars again, then he sent out a e-mail saying he was done and it all went back into the void. I was just wondering if u knew what happened. Just curious and concerned for him. I feel I have learned alot from him and he’s a great teacher. Sending my prayers with light and love. U take care too Jodi. Light and love, Jeanne XXXOOO

  2. Hi Jeanne,

    I’m happy to hear from you. These are strange times, indeed. Often, I don’t know what to think. I don’t know exactly what happened to make Cory withdraw from the internet and pull down all of his sites. I have reached out to him and was told that he couldn’t say what had happened.

    I do know that those of us who had the privilege of seeing and hearing him in action witnessed something profound. I have been around a long time and have studied with a handful of teachers because so few of the teachers out there had anything to offer that felt new and that I resonated with. Cory was one in a million. I am so grateful for his Presence and his generous spirit. Through him I was able to right myself in a way I hadn’t been able to do before.

    Whether he ever teaches again or not, he has left us with so much powerful and empowering information. Now it is for us to do whatever we need to do to integrate what we learned from him and move forward. I’ve been doing Breath of LOVE sessions with clients since I trained with him in Nov. 2009. This is still some of the most profound work I’ve ever had the privilege of doing with people.

    You take care, too, Jeanne.

    LOVE and Light,

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