NoMoNaBloPoMo ~Live True

Las Trampas Hiking Trail
I had blogging on my mind yesterday, off and on all day. I had blogged nine straight days. I was proud of my efforts and knew that being almost a third of the way there, I could accomplish my NaBloPoMo goal of a blog post a day for thirty days running.

The thing is, though, I wasn’t feeling particularly taken with any of the ideas that came to mind. I considered posting something just for the sake of fulfilling my intention to do so. That didn’t feel very good to me, though. I blog to share ideas, images and information that feel inspiring. If my heart isn’t in it, it is just a mechanical act.

So, No More National Blog Post Month for me unless the spirit moves me that many days in a row. We’ll see. My days of doing something just because I said I would in a moment of inspiration are long gone. When I stretch beyond that with which I am aligned it never turns out as I had hoped it would, regardless of my good intentions.

Living true to who we are means allowing for the fresh insights and deeper realizations that emerge as we are making our way down a particular path. Things are seldom what we think they are as we begin them and sometimes everything we need to fulfill our reason for choosing that direction happens quickly. Other times the path continues to draw us forward and our horizons expand in wonderful ways as a result of that journey. Only in honoring that which is true for us in the moment do we stay in the flow of our own river of life. Loving yourself means trusting what you feel and honoring it with your actions. No one else needs to understand or approve. Only you know what is right for you.

My friend, Nicole, and I hike once or twice a week in the forest pictured above and the surrounding hills. We share a passion for being out in nature, for getting exercise in a natural and uplifting way; we are willing to push ourselves a little and aren’t afraid to slow down or stop if that’s what we need to do. Some of the trails are super steep. Others, like this one, are gentle and winding. Sometimes we follow the trail to the end. Other times we turn around and find a way that feels better.

Go boldly in the directions that call to you, live true and love you.

One thought on “NoMoNaBloPoMo ~Live True”

  1. Love how you titled this, with all the “OhMo!”‘s together.


    I may take on NaBloWriMo (Is that the right wording?) One of thse days or… maybe not. NaPoWriMo and NaNoWriMo have been awesome growth experiences for me, even the NaNo I didn’t finish was an adventure.

    Anyway – love the post, love the title, love you!

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