Driven to Distraction By the Law of Attraction?

I was introduced to Abraham, the original teacher of Law of Attraction, channeled by Esther Hicks, in 1996. I was going through a very challenging time and despite the professional help I was getting, the situation that I had been desperately attempting to resolve for several months, continued to rage on. I was at wit’s end when a friend, after patiently listening to me recount the latest in this increasingly dramatic situation said, “I have something I want you to hear.”

She turned on the stereo and played a tape of Esther channeling Abraham. Within moments I realized I was hearing the truth and that I had the power to change the situation. I started to make changes the next day and within a week the ‘problem’ was finally solved.

Law of Attraction is nothing new. It is simply the way life works. The problem is, so much of what goes on with us is not conscious. You can take your attention off of what you do not want to create but if some deeper, unconscious part of you is oriented for that kind of situation to be created, nothing you can do with your attention is going to make any difference, at all.

In my experience, when something keeps coming to my attention it is because there is something about it that is important for me to know. When I continue to push the thought from my mind because I was told it isn’t good to have negative thoughts, I just get into a losing, energy-draining, battle. I do not get the thing I am attempting to put my attention on because the conflicting thoughts/pattern/things that are surfacing are currently occupying that space.

For instance, say that I want a happy, satisfying relationship with a man, but the only relationships I’ve ever had have been of the unhealthy, co-dependent variety. If I simply push away the thoughts of those unhappy situations and don’t allow myself to come to some kind of awareness about my part in the relationships that didn’t give me the experience I hoped for, how can I expect to suddenly leap to the ideal? If I don’t know how I attracted the last one, which according to the LOA, I certainly did, how will I know how to attract something that is more to my liking this time? I am not saying you can’t attract the ideal but even if you do, it isn’t likely to feel ideal for long if you have a pile of unresolved emotional issues that are festering somewhere beneath the surface.

I heard Abraham, again, today saying not to think about anything you don’t want to create and I had to shake my head. We attract what we are, not what we think about. We attract according to what we are doing with our energy and emotions, not what our brain is focusing on. If thinking alone could change things the world and most of us would be different by now. Don’t you think?

I love Abraham. I do. But I feel there is much more to the story than ‘The Secret’ would lead one to believe. If you want things to change, begin by accepting your part in the creation of those things you no longer want. There was a time when they were right for you. As you accept what has been, you begin to understand what is really important to you, how much you have grown and how much you have learned. You allow yourself to come fully present in your life rather than projecting yourself into some future scenario that you are not yet prepared to live. If we create something we are not ready for we feel insecure and unbalanced because the gap between where you are now and where you think you want to be has not yet been bridged.

Take a breath. Accept yourself. Appreciate your personal journey. Love yourself for what you have gone through in order to learn what you now know. Take it a day at a time. Accept and acknowledge, at least to yourself, the challenges that brought you to this moment. In so doing, you become more clear, aware and prepared for something new, appropriate and life-enhancing to the person you are today.

When we stop distracting ourselves by trying to control our thinking or feelings we have the luxury of relaxing into all of the good that we have already attracted in our lives. And from that place we naturally attract more of that which works beautifully.

5 thoughts on “Driven to Distraction By the Law of Attraction?”

  1. I like that you talk about relaxing into the good that is already in our lives… gratitude is key.

    As far as thoughts are concerned, I do believe thought become things. While it would be impossible to control their flow, I do believe focusing on what makes us happy, blissful and centered is worth the time and effort.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I appreciate your comment. I agree with you that thoughts are part of how we create our reality and that focusing on what feels positive is worthwhile.

      My point is that when we try to banish all ‘negative’ thoughts we miss out on gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and the gifts of wisdom those ‘unwanted’ thoughts and experiences have to offer us. I am not suggesting that one dwells on them, but simply acknowledge them and trust that they are on our mind for a reason. Once we do that we gain ground within ourselves and it becomes easier to naturally focus in the direction that feels better.

      Albert Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

  2. Brilliant and wise, as ever, my friend. 🙂

    What you share is oh-so-true – ‘thought’ is much more than what comes from our minds.


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