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Religious Elders and the Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Jimmy Carter has left the Southern Baptist Church after sixty years because of sexism. You can read his statement here.

I never thought I’d see this day come. And yet, here we are in this time of so much monumental change that even this is possible. Religious elders are finally speaking out about mistreatment and abuse of women based in misinterpretations of religious teachings that has gone on for what seems like ages.

There is a solar eclipse–a super powered new moon that signals change in the areas of the chart and life, that it touches–tomorrow at the last degree of Cancer, sign of the mother, the home, the foundation in life, history, security, the nurturer, the care giver, the armed services. The 29th degree is kind of the last chance position. It’s now or never. The time is right to clean up the things that need to be addressed and set things right so we are free to move onto something new. The things in this area of life that have been devalued, taken for granted, misused and abused must eventually be set right. This eclipse throws open the doors and offers the potential for something new to take place.

Maybe this is the first step in getting our priorities in order. It is certainly encouraging to me.

Current Planetary Positions

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