Seven-Year Itch ~Cycles of Evolutionary Change

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If you are one of the millions of people who are currently experiencing major life-changing events, keep in mind that it is not just marriages that succumb to the seven-year-itch. Actually, seven-year cycles are in effect in all areas of life. Science tells us that on average, most cells in the human body change within a seven year period. So, it isn’t surprising that the things we are doing and interested in will change, as well. Taking some time to reflect on what was happening in your life seven years ago can shed new light, allowing you to claim the wisdom gained and release the toxic residue so you are free to start fresh.

The planet, Uranus, (genius, innovation, invention and sudden change) ruler of Aquarius, spends seven years in each sign of the zodiac. This offers clues about why and how things evolve.

The ‘seven-year-itch’ kicks in around the beginning of year six. Often, an Aquarian-type person or event (unexpected, catalytic, bolt-from-the-blue kind of thing) creates such a shift in your perception of life that you just know things will never go back to the way they were. Unrest and dissatisfaction brew beneath the surface. The things you have been doing no longer work and after a while it seems nothing really works, anymore. It is time to either do things differently or do something different.

Astrology helps us to understand life’s natural cycles. There is a time to be still and a time to move, a time to be patient and a time to push through obstacles, a time to hang on and a time to let go, a time for giving your all and a time for giving it all up, there is a time for silent reflection and a time for celebration.

I opened the Light In Motion office and began offering classes, gatherings and a newsletter, in addition to readings, in 2002. Over the past couple of years Light In Motion has been completing its first seven-year cycle. The way I did business wasn’t working very well, anymore. And despite the fact that I talk to people about personal development and evolution every day, I was at a loss as to how to deal with the effects of the changes in my life. Once you change, your circumstances must also change to accommodate the growth that has occurred. The only thing I knew to do at that point was let go and let go and let go, again.

And then one day, it dawned on me that that I could revolutionize my business–take it to a new level and offer new types of service that feel energizing and joyful. The heart of the business remains my love of working with and inspiring others who, like me, know that there is more to life than most people realize and want to enjoy cultivating a life they love. Stay tuned for much more as Light In Motion begins its new evolutionary cycle.

The whole world is different than it was in 2002. What are you itching to release or perhaps revolutionize? There are fresh potentials everywhere, awaiting your notice. What will you include in your new seven-year cycle?

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  1. Good post, I’m going through a 7 year transformation that began at 35, and for the first time in my life the tarot death card has been bringing powerful transformation and forcing me to make positive changes based on outmoded values, people, thoughts, ideas and belief that no longer serves on my journey towards spiritual evolution. as I turned 42 I realized I can no longer deny my personal truth. I must speak my truth!! I must to thine own self be true. for so long I have swept my feelings and settle for less so as not to rock the boat, and ended up miserable, unfulfilled and unhappy at wearing a mask, its liberating to say no!! and begin this journey of living my truth. I look at the number 42 in tarot 4+2=6 the lovers, choices, aligning the lower self with the higher, being at a fork in the road and having to make a choice. 4 the number of the Emperor stability, order and discipline. 2 High Priestess paying attention to the shadow self, patience, wisdom, mystical female power and realized all these steps have now manifested itself in the 7 year cycle of spiritual growth. it feels good to finally break free and make the choice to align lower and higher and live in truth without fear.

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