Dreamspell Galactic Signature ~Red Rhythmic Skywalker

I have found the Dreamspell Galactic Signature a fascinating and enlightening tool that I have personally referred to several times over the years and I always glean new insights.

I have had a fascination with learning about many different systems that speak to the nature of the individual for as long as I can remember. We are all absolutely unique and any kind of label is only part of the story. However, systems can offer insight into at least some of the preferences and parameters we chose to work within this time around. To find your Dreamspell Galactic Signature, go to http://astrodreamadvisor.com/free_mayan_readings.html# and click on the Dreamspell Calculator. Then scroll to the bottom of that window and input your birth date to discover your Dreamspell Galactic Signature. If you go back to the original page you will find links of each of the signatures. Click on the one that is yours to learn much more.

Here is mine: Red Rhythmic Skywalker

Red Skywalker is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.

Red Skywalker is the skywalker, the time/space traveller who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing heaven on Earth. Red Skywalker is unlimited in form but often chooses the form of the angelic messenger.

A person who embodies cosmic wisdom may be known as a sky-walker, sage or bodhisattva. When others see such light in human form, they feel the vibration of heaven. This vibration may be embodied by you or experienced with a guru, master, an energy such as Red Skywalker, or in a ‘chance’ encounter with an extraordinary person.

An encounter with the energy of Red Skywalker can spark a deep yearning within you for reunion with the Source. Yet from this place of love and compassion, you also have a desire (embodied in physical form) to serve the light. This is the place in you that has the courage to fully express unconditional love, the depths of your being. Red Skywalker asks you to live the new myth by bringing this heaven to Earth in your daily life. As this reality is lived, it touches and awakens the same truth in others: “They kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.”

Red Skywalker represents balance in your life – not static balance, but a dynamic equilibrium that includes both your present expression and your starseeded self. In Red Skywalker’s star-glyph you see that the pillars of heaven don’t appear to touch the Earth. You are the element that appears to be missing in the star-glyph. You are the one whose expression of the light assists in drawing the pillars of heaven to Earth.

Joining these pillars in yourself can be viewed as reuniting your male and female aspects. Together, in balance, we create the pillars of the etheric temples of heaven on Earth.

The natural state of every system moves toward balance that is fluid and free, as in dance. That balance is experienced differently by each person, but it often brings a sense of steadiness or centeredness even in the midst of movement and change. When you are dancing, you can use your very state of imbalance to create the fluidity of the dance.

One thought on “Dreamspell Galactic Signature ~Red Rhythmic Skywalker”

  1. Thanks for reminding me of the dreamspell signatures, and this site. I had fun reading through and vibing with my Yellow Overtone Sun signature summary. Very blissy. 🙂 Very nice blog, Jodi.


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