Mercury, Uranus and the North Node in Pisces


The winds of change continue to blow as April arrives. As I write, the planet Mercury is closing in on the planet Uranus which has been traveling next to the North Node (universal destiny point of expansion) in Pisces for the past few weeks.

Uranus (The Awakener, genius, higher consciousness) with the North Node (Destiny calling. Will you receive this call?) in Pisces, the sign of spirituality, imagination, unlimited creativity, compassion and the subconscious has offered us a once in fifteen years or so opening to access creative potential that we can use in virtually any way we can imagine. With Mercury (the mind, mental processes and communication) coming into the picture now we are offered an opportunity to deliberately utilize this potential to move our own life forward in the direction of our desires.

Tomorrow is the full moon, the time of month when seeds planted or potentials engaged earlier in this or another cycle appear or manifest. Let your joyful heart lead you. The stars are aligned for magic and miracles to occur as you seize the day and decide what you’d most like to create. With the Sun in Aries for the next three weeks action is the word and the way to get the growing season for this year off to a great start.

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