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Venus and Taurus


While the Sun is in Taurus (April 20-May 21) there is an urge to settle in and connect more fully with the earth and our own nature. This pace is slower and more deliberate. The earth is nourishing the seeds that have taken root. What were once seeds or bulbs or inklings of ideas are now developing enough to reveal evidence of their own nature.

Taurus energy invites us to literally come to our senses. We begin to see, smell, hear, feel, and maybe even taste how that potential is manifesting. For a living thing to have integrity (that is, to be integrated and sound) it must be given time and space and appropriate nurturance to grow healthy and strong. The time of Taurus is rich with all of those elements.

Engaging the Taurean energy supports us in taking a stand and committing to the business at hand. There is a respect for the process of tending to and seeing that which was started through to fruition.

Venus is in charge of beauty and balance, self-esteem and worthiness, value and values, so those born with the Sun or other planets in her sign are prone to express sensuality, body awareness, deliberate action, take pleasure in their possessions and have an appreciation for natural, earthy beauty.

As a fixed sign, Taurus tends to hold on for the purpose of creating stability. Holding on too long hinders one’s ability to be in the flow of life and live in the present. This is a challenge for many with strong Taurus energy in their natal chart.

Taking a deep breath and connecting with one’s heart and inner being in any moment can serve us in remembering our true value lies in expressing our unique perspective and individuality. Our value has never been dependent on how we do or don’t feel or what we do or don’t have.

Taurus represents the journey to experiencing the one who lives in the body and experiences life through the senses. Indulge in the beauty, color, sounds, textures and tastes you love this month and watch your spirit come alive.

Divine Feminine Wisdom


Women never have young minds. They are born three thousand years old.
~Shelagh Delaney

Women are born with eternal wisdom. How many of us have really claimed our knowing, though?

We are told we are too emotional by those who have lost track of their own feelings. We are told we are weaker; since when did physical size equal real strength.
We are told we are sensitive as if that’s a bad thing.
We are told that being nurturers and giving life is worth less than those who plan and plot and do, in the world.

The Goddess is ready to re-emerge in each of us, in all her radiant glory.

I had a little chat with Her recently and She mentioned how hard it’s been for Her, in this world that worships the Masculine at the expense of the Feminine, to get through, to be noticed, to be heard.

As one of us listens, more will have access to the Divine Feminine Wisdom that is finally ready to emerge and reinstate a way of being in the world based in love and appreciation and comfort and joy.

Taurus~Time of The Goddess


Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, balance and bounty, pleasure and pleasantries is the ruling planet of Taurus. Taurean beauty is earthy, natural and sensual. Wildflowers strewn across hillsides in a burst of color, tender buds on trees, the smell of home cooking, a leisurely massage with fragrant oils, beautiful music to lift the spirit and soothe the soul speak to the very heart of Venus and Taurus.

Venus in the time of Taurus reminds us to pay attention to that which feels good, to pay attention to those things and people that matter to us, to honor and respect ourselves. That which we value we appreciate. As we express our appreciation we open to receiving again, on a new level.

During this time of the Goddess, we may be more aware of the delightful pleasure that our human nature is designed to receive. Our senses invite us to feel, smell, and taste our life; to go out of our mind (stop thinking so much) and into our body (to access a deeper receptivity and wisdom) and experience the sensuality of a silk dress floating gracefully around our legs as we walk or the heady scent of a bright yellow freesia wafting on the breeze or the fluttery, joyful anticipation of reuniting with a dear one at the airport.

Venus enhances our lives in countless ways we may not realize until we slow down enough to be present in our own skin and enjoy the bounty of blessings that always await our notice. It is in this gentle noticing that our lives are enriched.

In what ways might you bring more of the Goddess into your experience? As you begin to appreciate Her gracious generous offerings the pleasure will be all yours.

Happy Aries New Moon~To Be A Beginner

“If the Angel deigns to come it will be because you have convinced her, not with your tears, but by your humble resolve to be always beginning; to be a beginner.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke


Today is the Aries New Moon and the astrological conditions are ripe for creating something new and transformative in your life. If whatever you are seeding or beginning today feels a little daring or requires you to take a risk, so much the better.

Since Aries is the sign of fresh starts, initiations and pioneering, and the New phase of the Moon is the time each month for beginnings, the Aries New Moon is, universally, the most potent day of the year for seizing the energetic potentials and setting your sights on that which you’d like to create, acquire or accomplish in the weeks and months of the coming growing season.

The conditions under which something is born or begun will be expressed in the child, fruit or project as it grows. These potentials and conditions are apparent in the planetary cycles at play in the astrology chart for the moment of beginning. As a practical rule of thumb, it is helpful to remember that if we are feeling joyful, vibrant and expansive and creating from a feeling of inspiration that which we begin will bear those positive qualities.

Conversely, at times when we feel fearful, desperate, are in resistance to ‘what is’ or are motivated to change something we don’t like without addressing the underlying reasons for those feelings, the creations we begin will carry those constrictive energies.

For years now I’ve created a Treasure Map on the day of the Aries New Moon. This is simply cutting inspiring images and words from magazines and affixing them to a poster-board to be placed somewhere you can easily see. This serves as a rich visual reminder or map of where you’d like to go from here.

Keep in mind joy is of the essence. Anything conceived in joy and that brings you joy will naturally express and connect you with that which is essentially You.

In joy!





Aries~Red, Bold, Passionate


A parade of personal planets moving through the zodiac tag-team style, meeting up in one sign after the next, to activate the slower movers, also known as the outer or impersonal planets, has gone on since November when Jupiter and Mars were in the last degrees of Scorpio and then moved into Sagittarius where Jupiter will be until late this year. So, since last fall we have had a series of planetary cycles dynamically activating the energy of each sign, from Scorpio through Pisces, and all that those social and universal signs represent in our lives.

When planets meet, their energies are activated. Just as when we meet someone we know and enjoy, our interactions will activate a sense of fun, relaxation, enjoyment, perhaps even love. Our energies blend to bring out the best in both of us. In other cases, as with an authority figure or a neighbor we don’t see eye to eye with but must tolerate or learn to work with, we may experience an activation upon meeting in which our energies feel constricted and uncomfortable. If we spend enough time around this person without addressing the need to make adjustments eventually our energies will collide, creating an implosion or explosion that breaks up old stuck ways of being and energetic patterns. When a collision occurs, the pressure is released, the air is cleared and we will discover new potentials are revealed.

These activations have occurred in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, as most of the outer planets are slowly moving through those signs for the past few years. This means that many of the people and things that carry these energies have been undergoing an intense period of change and transformation and acting as the catalysts for those around them.

The personal planets, Venus and Mercury, that always travel within a sign or two of the Sun, parted company in February, when Mercury last went retrograde and Venus rushed on ahead and is entering Gemini, now. Mercury has moved into Aries but has yet to catch up with the Sun.

The activations, initiations and wake-up calls that came fast and furiously for so many of us last fall and winter, were a bit like popcorn kernels that, after doing time in some hot oil suddenly burst, rapid-fire, into fresh, fluffy, fun food, for those who were open to the possibilities. For those who hoped the kernels would survive their time in the oil and with the burner on High, intact, the experience may well have felt like disaster had struck. All those tidy little kernels of potential blew up, loudly and took up so much room they lifted the top off popper and made a mess!

As the planets separate into their individual cycles, again, the energetic potentials begin to open and expand. While the Sun is in Aries, especially, the time is ripe for taking action on the kernels of potential that have been activated in your life over the past few months. We are embarking on a whole new way of living. The possibilities are before you. Your task is to step boldly into the present moment and answer whatever it is that calls to you without looking behind you or worrying about what will happen next. Our passions aren’t about what anyone else wants. This is the journey of the individual. Once on your way, delight and discovery await you. When we do what we love we align ourselves with others who are truly kindred in spirit.

What’s your passion? True passion energizes us; our eyes light up and we just know we can do it, whatever it takes. When it comes to our passions there is no doubt or second thought. There is just you, in the moment, with the thing that makes you feel vibrant and alive.

Aries energy thrives on immediacy, urgency, living full out in each moment. At its best and brightest it is a lively mix of impulse, inspiration and enthusiasm that carries us through with our eye on the target and the thrill of living our passion fueling our fire.

Mercury, Uranus and the North Node in Pisces


The winds of change continue to blow as April arrives. As I write, the planet Mercury is closing in on the planet Uranus which has been traveling next to the North Node (universal destiny point of expansion) in Pisces for the past few weeks.

Uranus (The Awakener, genius, higher consciousness) with the North Node (Destiny calling. Will you receive this call?) in Pisces, the sign of spirituality, imagination, unlimited creativity, compassion and the subconscious has offered us a once in fifteen years or so opening to access creative potential that we can use in virtually any way we can imagine. With Mercury (the mind, mental processes and communication) coming into the picture now we are offered an opportunity to deliberately utilize this potential to move our own life forward in the direction of our desires.

Tomorrow is the full moon, the time of month when seeds planted or potentials engaged earlier in this or another cycle appear or manifest. Let your joyful heart lead you. The stars are aligned for magic and miracles to occur as you seize the day and decide what you’d most like to create. With the Sun in Aries for the next three weeks action is the word and the way to get the growing season for this year off to a great start.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 26° Capricorn 57' 50"
Moon 12° Pisces 15' 59"
Mercury 13° Aquarius 24' 22"
Venus 10° Capricorn 18' 45"
Mars 04° Taurus 44' 44"
Jupiter 06° Aquarius 28' 28"
Saturn 03° Aquarius 28' 38"
Uranus 06° Taurus 43' 28"
Neptune 18° Pisces 49' 46"
Pluto 24° Capricorn 42' 50"
Chiron 05° Aries 24' 07"
TrueNode 19° Gemini 17' 40" R

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