The Rainbow Connection


The beveled edges of our glass table tops create prisms. As the midday sun shines through the windows rainbows appear and move through the living room.

I’ve had a thing about rainbows for as long as I can remember. The magic and promise they hold lifts my spirits, even on the dreariest of days. While living in Hawaii a few years ago I was amazed by how often I saw rainbows–it became a daily occurrence and after a while the day just didn’t seem complete without making my rainbow connection.

In astrology, the planetoid, Chiron, in Aquarius for just over a year now, is called the Rainbow Bridge between Saturn–conventional, methodical, traditional wisdom and down to earth discipline and Uranus–cutting-edge, future focused, intuitive, out-of-the-box (box? what box? was there a box?) quantum leaps of consciousness. Chiron bridges the conscious and the super-conscious allowing us to use what we know to expand into something beyond what was previously possible.

The sign Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus which may explain some of the quirkiness of those born under this sign. Some tend to be more scientifically oriented and others wild inventor types, still others an interesting mix of both ends of that particular spectrum.

I am delighted by rainbows, whether I spot them in the sky after a storm or lighting for a moment on my skin, as happened with the one above; they are a divine reminder to lighten up, that anything is possible and all truly is well.

4 thoughts on “The Rainbow Connection”

  1. I have just had an extraordinary weekend. On Friday evening, driving in the dark, along a country road with other cars in the distance and no other light around – a vertical rainbow appeared in the bush. It was the most vivid extraordinary thing I have ever seen. It was about 5ft high and the last foot was angled and created a right-angled point to the rainbow. I have not seen such vivid colours before.

    On Sunday morning, I moved forward in my seat for some reason and looked up into the rearview mirror on the windscreen. A rainbow cube was suspended in the mirror. I sat back and it disappeared. I moved forward and it dropped into the mirror again. I could not locate a source for this object. The same depth of colour as Friday evening.

    On Sunday evening, in the dark driving along a freeway with no other cars in sight – a rainbow that is curved at the top (rather than the right angle of Friday evening) appears on a road sign that is facing the road. The colour was more like a rainbow in the sky – muted and blending into each other (pastel rather than bold).

    What is the message here? Any thoughts would be really helpful.

  2. Rainbow as the BOW of PROMISE was recognized
    as a symbol of the covenant between God & man

    re: COVENANT

    Our covenant from before the world was is GRACE
    manifesting in an infinite spectrum of colors
    and bleeding through as RAINBOW.

    Some related ROOT info given in the dictionary

    ORIGINS of Middle English :
    1) ROOT from Old French, present participle of covenir = ‘agree,’

    2)ROOT from Latin convenire = ‘assemble, agree, fit,’

    3)ROOT from con- = ‘together’ + venire = ‘come.’

    Also from dictionary:
    COVENANT OF GRACE: A covenant between God and humanity that was established by Jesus Christ at the Atonement.

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