Mercury Retrograde Can Reap Real Rewards


Mercury has been in the first of three retrograde phases for 2007 since mid-February and will go direct in just a few hours (March 7th). Now back in Aquarius, the sign of the genius, electricity and high vibrational, visionary energy, I’ve found this Mercury retrograde phase to have been most rewarding in terms of bringing to light some things from the recent past that I was not aware of or ready for at the time they were originally made available, and some other things from the distant past that help point the way to a more rewarding future.

A few of the gifts from the past were insights, teachings and offerings on understanding, making peace with and becoming empowered in terms of money. Becoming more savvy about my finances has been something I’ve been putting off that has been begging for attention for some time but that I hadn’t been successful in making any real progress on until now. With this Mercury retrograde cycle I was finally ready and willing to face down the demons and beliefs that had limited my experience for long enough.

Once I made the decision and committed to dealing with my relationship with money, which I know is directly related to my relationship to myself and my self worth, things started to shift and change as if by magic. Each day brought fresh insights, new information came to me from a host of different resources and the energy that I’d long felt so stuck in began to break free and move.

Skillful use of the potentials of Mercury’s retrograde phases can help you to get to the bottom of any issue or area of your life that you have found challenging or difficult to transform. The retrograde phases of Mercury’s cycle have often times been misunderstood by those who are inclined to focus only on the surface level of how this energy works. Mercury retrograde offers precious new perspectives and rewards; among them, the gifts of hindsight and clarity which are so hard to come by when we are in rapid forward motion.


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  1. I hear that Mercury going into retrograde has enhanced effects on Virgos…I am a virgo and have recently been pegged to the energies, and awaiting this retrograde cycle…I also looked in the past, and realized my girlfriend and I broke up at the beginning of a retrograde cycle…I knew my energy was not well spent on her, but I loved her, and thus was trapped…she broke up with me and I never looked back…The next cycle I became aware of this whole thing, and now coming in less than a week, I have no idea what to expect.,, But I appreciate your comments on all of these matters, like nergy, life, destiny, sings of the universe in a time where I am looking to interpret them as well…I hope to benefit from all of this as you say reflect and become more savvy…thank you…Trent

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