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The Rainbow Connection


The beveled edges of our glass table tops create prisms. As the midday sun shines through the windows rainbows appear and move through the living room.

I’ve had a thing about rainbows for as long as I can remember. The magic and promise they hold lifts my spirits, even on the dreariest of days. While living in Hawaii a few years ago I was amazed by how often I saw rainbows–it became a daily occurrence and after a while the day just didn’t seem complete without making my rainbow connection.

In astrology, the planetoid, Chiron, in Aquarius for just over a year now, is called the Rainbow Bridge between Saturn–conventional, methodical, traditional wisdom and down to earth discipline and Uranus–cutting-edge, future focused, intuitive, out-of-the-box (box? what box? was there a box?) quantum leaps of consciousness. Chiron bridges the conscious and the super-conscious allowing us to use what we know to expand into something beyond what was previously possible.

The sign Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus which may explain some of the quirkiness of those born under this sign. Some tend to be more scientifically oriented and others wild inventor types, still others an interesting mix of both ends of that particular spectrum.

I am delighted by rainbows, whether I spot them in the sky after a storm or lighting for a moment on my skin, as happened with the one above; they are a divine reminder to lighten up, that anything is possible and all truly is well.

Spring Into Aries


The cherry trees are in bloom all over my neighborhood these days. Spring is busy dressing up the hillsides with wildflowers and bursting tender green shoots out of long, bare branches in celebration of this new growing season.

The Sun entered Aries on March 20th and the pace of life advances, yet again. Aries is the time of bold beginnings, spirits are high as the energy increases along with the daylight hours. This past week I’ve seen a family of baby birds, lots of tiny groundhogs dashing about on the hill and a parade of little ducks march through my back yard. Yesterday as I ran in the hills above the golf course a pair baby jack rabbits went bounding across the trail after their mother.

We humans are ready to get busy with new babies of our own as we spring clean our closets, offices and homes pitching those things that are worn out, don’t fit or just aren’t working for us anymore. This frees up time and space for new things and projects we’re enthused about getting into, now.

Aries is the first of the fire signs; its nature is inspired, enthusiastic and bold, pioneering, impulsive and daring. While the Sun is in Aries we are supported in starting new things, just because.

Aries natives characteristically see life as a grand adventure. When they have a bright idea about a new way of doing something or are inspired to do something that hasn’t been done before is reason enough for them. Instinct and impulse followed by the joy of taking action is the Aries way. As the Nike people say, “Just do it!” Breathe life into your inspired ideas and back them up with action just for the fun of it and see what happens.

In this result-focused world it is good to remember that life is a journey, it is what happens in the moment, with each breath and step we take. This moment is your point of choice and therefore your only point of power. Enjoy!

Pisces Solar Eclipse


This Pisces New Moon (tonight. March 18th) is also a Solar Eclipse, taking place at the 29th degree of the last sign of the zodiac. Those born at the end of Pisces are among the most psychically open and energetically sensitive individuals around. They have access to information from the whole of the zodiac and many of them are creatively and spiritually gifted.

With this eclipse within the last degrees of the zodiac we may all feel more receptive to the feelings of others or sensitized to that which is happening without being able to say exactly what we are feeling or why we are feeling it. Pisces, ruled by Neptune, god of the sea, is the sign of the subconscious mind of the individual and of the mass subconscious mind that picks up information floating around in the ether and is what advertisers and fashion designers tap into when they launch the ‘next big thing’. Fashion, shoes, music, dance, culture, imagination, intuition, trends, spirituality, compassion, addiction, plastics, beliefs and faith are all under Pisces’ rule.

This Pisces Solar Eclipse brings rich energetic potential for birthing something new and transformative in your life as the planet Pluto, lord of the underworld, in charge of sex, death and rebirth, is heavily influencing the energies of this eclipse, so that which is created at this time, or born into this energy will carry the seeds of transformation that create a life-changing effect.

This is a great time to plug into your own deeper knowing through meditation or simply spending some peaceful, reflective time with or without music, dip into your vivid imagination, dream big and engage this powerful potential. With the Sun moving into the first degrees of the zodiac at the Vernal Equinox, the time of fresh starts, the intentions you define now help create the direction of your life in this year’s growing season. Enjoy!

Mother Nature's Late Winter Magic


The Sun is in Pisces until March 20th which means there are are still a few days left of winter, though you’d never know it from the weather we’ve been blessed with here in the SF Bay Area. I had to laugh when I saw the white stuff flying through the air and on the ground this gorgeous afternoon as I headed out with my camera.


Overnight the trees are full of fluffy white blossoms. As you can see, the breeze was doing a good job of liberating them. I was delighted to see Mother Nature’s handiwork.

This is about as close as we come to having snow in this part of California. These tiny white petals strewn randomly about add a touch of magic, a lovely white carpet on which to tread in honor of the Vernal Equinox when the Sun enters Aries on March 20th and we begin the astrological New Year. Spring is always welcome in my world.

Mystic Crystal Revelation

and the mind’s true liberation… Aquarius!


Okay, as you probably know, the Sun finished its journey through Aquarius and has been in Pisces for about three weeks already. The energy these days feels Aquarian, none the less. Chiron, the Wounded Healer and Neptune, the Great Dissolver continue their extended journeys through Aquarius and Uranus, the Awakener and ruling planet of Aquarius continues its travels through the middle degrees of Pisces.

At this point Uranus is very close to the North Node in Pisces. This is an extremely rare occurrance happening only once every 15 years or so. This combination sets the stage for a time in which anything can happen. Being open to new possibilities and looking for the gifts in those things that shake up the status quo in your life can help you shift swiftly and in unexpected ways from where you’ve been to a new direction you’d be delighted to move in now.

One of the keys to making good and skillful use of this energy is to make a point of living in the moment. Practicing stopping whatever you are doing for a moment and breathing deep, satisfying, lung-filling breaths will help bring you back to your center and calm your body as well as your mind. This moment is the point of choice. As we are present and awake for more of the moments of our life we become more aware of how we feel and can make choices that feel expansive and life enhancing.

The beneficial energetic potentials of Uranus to the North Node are building through the month of March and will peak in early April. Breathe deep and imagine the possibilities.

Astrology and the New Energy


I’ve been drawn for many months now to several resources that offer teachings and information on Ascension and the New Energy.

Being an astrologer I’ve been challenged, lately, to reconcile the astrology I grew up with and have worked with for decades, which is based in cause and effect thinking, with the new energetic potentials I am seeing, hearing about from others and sensing from within.

Yesterday I had the clear insight that astrology in its original form, just like most things on our earth plane of existence was different, very different than what it became over millenia. The astrology most often practiced today has morphed into a horse of an altogether different color.

There is a school of thought that we have lost something in our modern astrology and old texts from the Renaissance period and back as far as ancient Greece are being restored, studied and taught, once again with the belief that they hold the key to the wisdom encoded in this ancient art and science. Those who are on this path have the made great strides but I don’t know that they have reached anywhere near far enough to get back to the basics of astrology.

Astrology in its truest form offered vital information and insights into living a physical human life connected to one’s spiritual wisdom. In ancient times we realized that once we incarnated we would once again lose access to our divine wisdom and devised the system we called astrology to remind ourselves not only about the purpose for which we came to earth but that we were fragments of the Creator and holding a unique point of view from which to experience physical life.

We knew retaining our sense of individuality within the whole of humanity was key to accomplishing our mission.

As time went on and the peaks and valleys of evolution occurred we eventually became so inundated in the three-dimensional challenges that our access to true spiritual wisdom became more difficult, if not impossible to accomplish. There were times when we agreed to let go of both the key and the map and surrender completely to the limitations of the earth plane. It was all part of the process.

Our world has been primarily based in fear, despite the fact that we are all Love at our core, for most of our existence here on earth. Today, the pendulum is swinging the other direction. Enough of us have remembered we are divine beings of love and light, to turn the tide and change the energetic balance on the planet from darker to lighter, from limited to increasingly expansive, and most importantly, from predominantly fear-based to a vibration of increasing love and joy.

Today we can choose to cultivate wisdom and compassion and live in the vibration of love. We can make different choices than we have in the past and choose to use our energy and time here to create fresh possibilities and do things in a way that was never before possible.

Astrology, the ‘Divine Science’ that was misunderstood, maligned and feared for so long can once again be remembered and restored as the sacred teaching and guide for living it is; a map to the divine potentials–the preferences chosen to be engaged, embodied and enacted in order to shine the light of our own experience and awareness. Thus making it more likely for each of us to joyfully and graciously offer the universe the gifts of our own unique heart and soul.

I like to think of astrology as showing us where to look to discover our own path of the shiny breadcrumbs. Our path holds what others may think of as ordinary or not even notice but we recognize them as gems that lead us back to our true spiritual nature. Our path is the one that lights with each step we take and leads us in this lifetime to all we truly are.

True Astrology illuminates not only the evolutionary path of greatest benefit but the way of joyful abundance and abundant joy.

Mercury Retrograde Can Reap Real Rewards


Mercury has been in the first of three retrograde phases for 2007 since mid-February and will go direct in just a few hours (March 7th). Now back in Aquarius, the sign of the genius, electricity and high vibrational, visionary energy, I’ve found this Mercury retrograde phase to have been most rewarding in terms of bringing to light some things from the recent past that I was not aware of or ready for at the time they were originally made available, and some other things from the distant past that help point the way to a more rewarding future.

A few of the gifts from the past were insights, teachings and offerings on understanding, making peace with and becoming empowered in terms of money. Becoming more savvy about my finances has been something I’ve been putting off that has been begging for attention for some time but that I hadn’t been successful in making any real progress on until now. With this Mercury retrograde cycle I was finally ready and willing to face down the demons and beliefs that had limited my experience for long enough.

Once I made the decision and committed to dealing with my relationship with money, which I know is directly related to my relationship to myself and my self worth, things started to shift and change as if by magic. Each day brought fresh insights, new information came to me from a host of different resources and the energy that I’d long felt so stuck in began to break free and move.

Skillful use of the potentials of Mercury’s retrograde phases can help you to get to the bottom of any issue or area of your life that you have found challenging or difficult to transform. The retrograde phases of Mercury’s cycle have often times been misunderstood by those who are inclined to focus only on the surface level of how this energy works. Mercury retrograde offers precious new perspectives and rewards; among them, the gifts of hindsight and clarity which are so hard to come by when we are in rapid forward motion.


Super Pisces/Virgo Lunar Eclipse


There is a full lunar eclipse today with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo. This eclipse is particularly unusual because today the Sun is making its annual visit with the planet Uranus, ‘the awakener’ and ruling planet of Aquarius, in charge of genius, inventions, revolution and the unexpected thus activating those qualities in people and things this week. The North Node, destiny point, is also in the neighborhood as it moves through the middle degrees of Pisces. This unusual combination of energies representing consciousness, new possibilities and positive forward movement creates an auspicious, high frequency event in which anything is not only possible, but probable. These energies have been building and brewing for some time and will continue to echo for the next few months.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is weighing in with the kind of dynamic tension that compels mere mortals to get up and do something. Both Uranus and Jupiter are visionary, freedom oriented, intuitively inclined and willing to take a stand. You can use this energy like rocket fuel to launch projects or to bring the things you’ve been working on into form. Full moons are times when things coming to light and to fruition.

The Moon is in the practical, grounded, earthy sign of Virgo. Virgo prompts us to look at the little things that make all the difference in our physical plane reality. With the Sun, Uranus and North Node in Vigo’s opposite sign, out-of-this-world, chaotic, creative, inspired Pisces, honoring our feelings (Moon) allows each of us to ground this ultra high frequency spiritual energy in the world of form. As we engage this energy we bring a little more heaven to earth where we can use it in realizing some of our Piscean dreams in our physical experience.

Let the spirit move you and entertain the possibilities that most appeal to you and dance and romance (two Pisces favorites) it into your experience. Happy eclipse and joyful creating!

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 03° Sagittarius 00' 29"
Moon 02° Aries 29' 53"
Mercury 19° Scorpio 09' 19"
Venus 04° Scorpio 03' 35"
Mars 15° Aries 59' 40"
Jupiter 24° Capricorn 58' 05"
Saturn 27° Capricorn 51' 57"
Uranus 07° Taurus 43' 47" R
Neptune 18° Pisces 10' 04" R
Pluto 23° Capricorn 07' 00"
Chiron 05° Aries 08' 36" R
TrueNode 20° Gemini 04' 37" R

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