Light In Motion offers Intuitive Services designed to assist you in realizing your unique gifts and the potentials available to you. These empowering sessions offer a deeper understanding of your true nature and illuminate next steps for aligning with a sense of purpose and inspired flow.

We are living in a time like no other. Things are changing all around us. We can gracefully navigate these shifting currents and become less at the effect of them as we cultivate greater receptivity to the voice and feel of our inner self and its infinite wisdom.

I work primarily with women who have been on a personal spiritual development path for a while and are ready to become more of a creative force in their own lives and in the services they offer the world. I work with them them to hone their intuition and assist them in reconnecting with their body wisdom and cultivating trust in themselves.

Please see below for more on the types of sessions available.

Intuitive Consultation

Looking for insight, direction or greater clarity? Whether you are seeking assistance with a specific situation or are ready to check-in and get fresh perspective on your life, this consultation offers an expansive point of view and practical next steps.
One-Hour: $125

Intuitive Astrology Reading
Astrology offers an elegant map of space and time that shows us how to get from where we are to where we’d most like to go. This reading combines the potentials of the astrology and an intuitive perspective on where you are now in your life, to offer a deeper look at what makes you unique and how to best use what you have to move forward in the ways that really work for you. We will review the current cycles of opportunity and explore the best ways for you to work with them in taking your next steps.
Those who have had an initial reading often come back for a check-in from time to time (anywhere from every few months, for those who are going through big changes, to once a year) as they make changes and are ready for new perspective. These readings can also be a way to explore a deeper understanding of one’s personal and spiritual nature.
One-Hour: $125

Follow-Up and Ongoing ‘Flow Sessions’
For those who have had a reading or consultation and would like to work with me in an ongoing way, I offer follow-up Flow Sessions. Flow Sessions are a continuation of the work we started with your initial reading or consultation, in order to explore on deeper levels and you support you in making the changes you’d like to realize. Flow Sessions are similar to a coaching session, but are designed to work with you organically, to assist you in navigating transitional periods and help you move forward in ways that will work well for you, based on your natural gifts, and unique strengths and challenges.

These sessions offer:

1. Support in going through major life changes–marriage, divorce, career change, new job, returning to school, etc.
2. Assist you in cultivating your intuitive gifts and abilities
3. A safe place to check in, learn new techniques for getting unstuck and increasing a sense of flow in you life
4. Mentoring

Flow Sessions are one-hour and may be done via Skype video conference or phone. I offer either a Single Session or a Four Flow Session Package. If you choose to do the Four Flow Session Package, we will meet at the frequency that best serves your needs (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Please note that the Four Flow Session Package must be completed within Ninety-Days of purchase.

Single Flow Session: $125

Four Flow Session Package: $400